Los Posadas

Please join us on Friday, December 21, at 1:30 p.m. for the Las Posadas procession.  This tradition dates back to fifteenth century Spain and was brought to the New World by the Jesuits who accompanied the Spanish Conquistadors.  The procession is a re-enactment of the journey taken by Joseph and Mary when traveling to Bethlehem and seeking shelter just before the birth of Jesus.  The expression “no room at the inn” comes directly from this event and is played out during the procession as the pilgrims walk and sing, seeking shelter, and are turned away.  Las Posadas is sung in Spanish and allows the students an opportunity to use the Spanish they are learning.

The procession will end in the church with Lessons and Carols.  It is a wonderful program and a great way to celebrate the beginning of our Christmas vacation.

Raffle for the Humane Society

Lower School has selected the Humane Society for our charity this month. We will be collecting pet toys, wet food, blankets, towels, etc. (more info to come in a separate announcement). To help raise money, Mrs. Burns’ 2A class will hold a raffle for a $100 in gift cards (Reilley’s Pizza, Le Buzz coffee shop, Smashburger, Krispy Kremes, and a free yoga class). Raffle tickets can be purchased during Coffee Corner on Dec. 7th from 7:15-8:15 a.m. Tickets are $5 and the winning family’s ticket will be drawn and announced during chapel on Dec. 10th. All proceeds from the raffle will be donated to the Humane Society. Look for our colorful advertisements around school.

Lost Items Looking to be Found!

Lost and Found items are currently on display in front of the School Office for lower school, and in front of the Student Center for middle school. Please stop by and claim your child’s coat, jacket, sweatshirt, sweater, shirt, pants, P.E. uniform, water bottle, lunch box, etc.  Items that have a name attached have been returned to the rightful owner. Unclaimed items will be donated either to the Uniform Exchange or to a local charity on Friday, December 7th.  Thanks for helping the items find their homes!

SMA News

There will be a SMA Meeting tomorrow at 8 a.m. in the Parish Center.  A lot is happening next semester.  Come and see where you can lend a hand and make a difference for our kids.

SMA Coffee Corner is Friday from 7:30-8:30 a.m. in front of the office and is sponsored by Martinez-Ross Marketing.

Notes from the Head

Dear St. Michael’s Parents and Families—

Please find below (1) my summary comments from this past Monday’s chapel on Peace, our theme and value for the month of November; and (2) a link provided by Catherine Gioanetti, MD, a member of our school’s Board of Trustees, a former SMS parent, and a practicing pediatrician here in Tucson, on the alarmingly harmful effects of extended screen time on the mental and emotional development of children.

Please review all important information in this week’s Eagle Express. Thank you.

Comments from Monday Chapel, November 26, 2018
This month’s value, or theme, is peace. How appropriate and essential peace is at any time of the year, though it gets extra special attention around this time of the year, at Christmas.  But Christmas is still almost a month away. Halloween, however, was a little less than a month ago, and Thanksgiving is still fresh in our memories from just last week. So we’re in seasonal limbo, in a way, and I thought it would be appropriate to linger awhile longer in this spirit of fall and talk a little bit about a fantastic book called Six Crows, about a farmer and some birds and the harvesting of peace.

(The author, Leo Leonni, intended the book for a young readership [K-3], but this is a great book for all ages. Here is a link to a review from Publishers Weekly: https://www.publishersweekly.com/978-0-394-89572-7). The story is a fable, a work of fiction, with animals used as characters to help convey, or communicate, a truth, a moral, a lesson about human behavior. In the case of Six Crows, the main characters are a farmer and a group of crows, six to be exact, each side waging war with the other over a field of wheat.

In hopes of keeping the crows away and protecting his precious wheat, the farmer puts up two very menacing scarecrows in his field. And the cunning birds, in turn, build a leaf monster, in the form of a kite, to scare the farmer and keep him away, so they might have free rein in the field. And this goes on and on throughout the story, day after day, each side trying to instill fear in the other to get what they want—the birds, to devour the wheat; the farmer, to protect it. Then a wise owl appears, observes the conflict, and suggests a truce. The owl ultimately succeeds at convincing both sides that the only way to avoid certain mutual defeat—the wheat dying from lack of care because everyone is focused on outdoing the other, and so everyone is going hungry—is to find peace through compromise: a way to work together to get what each wants and needs. I won’t spoil the ending; you’ll have to read it yourself to find out the brilliant compromise they come up with. . . with the help of their dear and very wise friend, the owl.

In any given day or week or month or year, each of us plays the role of the hungry crow, or the provincial farmer (or, better yet, as I would hope, the owl) in the interest of ‘the wheat,’ those things that we sometimes go to unkind lengths to get or to protect. More of this or that, or less of this or that, with little concern perhaps for the effects our actions and words might have on others. So, especially when we’re behaving like farmers and crows, let’s be wise owls, and ultimately find ways to plant and harvest the seeds of peace and kindness and compromise with each other, here at school, at home, everywhere we go, so that we may ALL be fed.

Online Link from Psychology Today, “How the Tech Industry Uses Psychology to Hook Children”

As noted above, I am grateful to Dr. Catherine Gioannetti for providing the link below on the deleterious impact of screen time, and the intentional and highly effective strategies that tech companies use to ‘hook’ children into the habit of using more and more media. I encourage all of you to read the relatively short but highly insightful article, in hopes that it will encourage you to take a closer look at appropriate limits for media use at home.



St. Nicholas Show – Grades 4-5

This is just a little follow-up note regarding our Dec. 7th St. Nick show.

Where:  St. Michael’s Student Center (gym)

When:  2:00 pm

Attire:  Country clothes, i.e., jeans, overalls, frilly dresses, flannel shirts, etc.

Info:  Students come to school in regular St. Michael’s uniform and change into their costume

Band and K-3 attire will be different; please see the blog entry from Ms. Allen and check with Ms. Stafford.

Questions? Please call me at 520-954-6759


Dr. A

St. Nicholas Day Performance, Grade K-3

Dear K-3 Families,

The students and I are so excited about our St. Nicholas Day performance next Friday, Dec. 7th.  We begin at 2:00 PM in the Student Center (gym).  We hope to see you all there!

Please have your child come to school wearing blue bottoms that day.  I would prefer skirts/skorts and/or pants but if you only have blue shorts, that is fine.  The children will change into their performance shirts at school so any uniform color shirt is fine to wear Friday.

Thank you and see you December 7th!

Karise Allen


Christmas Show – Grades 6-8

This is just a little follow-up note regarding our Dec. 7th Christmas show.

Where:  St. Michael’s Student Center (gym)

When:  7:00 pm – 6:30 call time, report to your homeroom

Attire:  Elegant Christmas – nice blouses/shirts, nice dresses/pants, ties/bowties, Christmas sweaters, dress shoes – no tennis shoes, etc., please.

Info:  Students come to school ready to perform and report to their homeroom.  Teachers will escort them to the gym.

Band attire will be different; please check with Ms. Stafford.

Questions? Please call me at 520-954-6759


Dr. A