Parking Lot Protocol

During the past few weeks, we have had numerous concerns about the safety of our parents and children during drop off in the morning and pick up after school. With 300 students needing family transportation, it does create substantial congestion for a 15 minute period each morning and evening.

In analyzing the situation, it appears that we have one main problem, a shortage of parking in the main south parking lot which causes drivers to park in places that limit the flow of traffic, cars to double park in the south lanes of the middle school parking lot, and cars parking in spots that are considered especially traffic blocking and have hence been marked with special signs to limit parking.

All of these conditions can cause traffic backups which can trap cars all the way back to being on Wilmot after the traffic light changes.  This frustration, combined with the number of parents and children who are walking in the parking lot causes great concern about everyone’s safety.

In order to alleviate these conditions, the school’s staff would like to request that:

  1. Everyone be patient and considerate of other drivers.
  2. Avoid stopping your car in the middle of the driveways to wait for or pick up your children.
  3. Adhere to the signs posted in the parking lot regarding one-way traffic, loading zones, and No Parking.
  4. When loading and unloading children, do so promptly and have the children move quickly to a safe area off of the paved roadways.
  5. Never park and leave your car unless it is in an authorized parking space.

In watching the traffic flow, it appears that most situations resolve themselves in one to two minutes. May we ask each of you to schedule your time such that you can afford to be held up for this short period.  We appreciate your cooperation in keeping everyone safe.

Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts will meet on Friday, Feb. 15th from 3:10-4:30 in the Parish Center.

Thank you to all who contributed to the Brownies’ collection for Make Way for Books!

We will be selling cookies at pick-up time again on Friday and will have more varieties this week!

St. Michael’s Guatemala Project

St. Michael’s Guatemala Project would like to issue a special invitation to school families to attend Saturday’s Guatemala Project free event in Tankersley Hall.  All the info you need is right here and on the flier (with photos).

Join St. Michael’s Guatemala Project Saturday, February 16, 9:30 a.m., for a morning coffee featuring “Teams, Textiles, Context,” St. Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church, 602 N. Wilmot Road (at 5th Street). Program opens with light refreshments, informal conversation, and textile sales, followed at 10 a.m. by reports from 2018 Team volunteers, who spent a combined total of 256 days among rural Mayan communities. Guatemala expert Elizabeth Oglesby, UA Center for Latin American Studies / School of Geography and Development, adds immediate context with updates on rapidly-changing conditions in Guatemala.

Dr. Oglesby’s experience in Guatemala began in the 1980s in areas most affected by the 36-year internal conflict, including those where Guatemala Project works and continues to the present. She was one of the few expert witnesses asked to testify in the 2013 genocide trial of former general Efrain Rios-Montt. She is a faculty contact for I.D.E.A.S., an education / social action program for university students in Antigua, Guatemala.

St. Michael’s Guatemala Project is a 26-year, non-sectarian, informal partnership with rural Maya of the CPR-Sierra, who became refugees in their own country during Guatemala’s long internal conflict.

Free. Donations to support the work in Guatemala are welcomed. Information and applications for 2019 teams will be available. Information: 520-623- 3063, (Coordinator),

Click here to download the flyer:  Guatamala Project

SMA News

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to all of the playground volunteers who give time every month, rain or shine, all year long.  We greatly appreciate each and every one of you for your continued commitment!  We and the kids thank:  Brad Smith, Brigitte and Michael Townsdin, Julie Bowen, Jen Wolert, Alisa and Rich Reed, Tom Browne, Gladys Tom, Bernard Lagat, Michelle and Jason Gastrock, Ana Marin, Alison Cook, Holly von Guilleaume, Heather Walsh, Kelly Rothrock, Ive Badillo, Katie Bailey, Michelle Slavin, Haley Ochoa, Caylin Stroupe and Amy Huether.

Uniform Exchange

The SMA hosted another successful uniform exchange on January 19th, and we would like to formally thank the following people for making it happen. The set-up, organization, and take down of an event this large would not be possible without help from our awesome parents! Thank you to: Ana Marin, Ivelise and Melanie Badillo, Tawanna Wilson, Jennifer Jennings, Sibel Poore, Michelle Slavin, Marci Skidmore, and Arin Hassell.  An extra token of appreciation goes to Sean Pollard and his facilities team for ensuring all 24 bins of clothes and 20 tables were in place for us!
For those who have yet to attend a uniform exchange, this popular event is a win/win for our school. We provide you with low cost, excellent quality used uniforms to purchase, or exchange and all proceeds return to the school. We plan to host one last special uniform exchange in late March or early April. Be on the lookout for details, you won’t want to miss this one! Think Spring Cleaning… Until then, thank you to all the families who made this past exchange successful!

SMA News

 Please come join us at the SMA meeting this Thursday, Feb. 7th at 8:05 am in the Parish Center.
– BOX TOPS are due this Friday, Feb. 8th – make sure to turn yours in!
– Thank you to Tucson Smiles for sponsoring last week’s Coffee Corner!  We still have an opening for a sponsorship for our May 3rd Coffee Corner.  Please let Heather ( or Haley Ochoa ( know if you are interested in being a sponsor for one of those dates.
– The Spring Gala – St. Mike’s Rock the Night – is coming up on March 30th.  Please let Erika Pina-Loucks ( or Breanne Tirrito ( know if you would like to volunteer to help in any way.
A huge THANK YOU to all SMA volunteers and your amazing generosity in supporting the recent Math-a-thon!
Haley and Heather