Notes from the Head

In a blink of an eye, we are in our final days of the school year. In so many ways, it has been an extraordinary year for St. Michael’s School. Our students have been the rock stars, lighting up our world in the classrooms, on stage, on the athletic fields, in academic competitions, and in their amazing generosity of community service throughout Tucson and beyond. We have helped to plant and water seeds of knowledge and guided the students as strong roots have taken hold and grown. Their thirst for knowledge has been inspiring. Their zest for life has reminded us all that we should live fully, laugh often, and love all aspects of what we do. At the end of the day, we are grateful to have walked the path with each student this year and appreciate the trust and partnership with parents as we have watched them grow.

The hard part, however, is watching them leave us on the last day. For some of us, that leaving involves saying good-bye to St. Michael’s as well. Some teachers have given their heart and soul for twenty years or more. St. Michael’s has been their home, and the number of children they count as “their own” is quite large. Words cannot express our deepest appreciation to Mrs. Faltico, Mrs. Schultz, and Mrs. Thiltges. They each have made a profound difference in the children they have guided and taught. Others, in a shorter period, have left their mark as well. Hats off to Dr. Schaub, Mrs. Hawes, and Mr. Senkbeil for their guidance and instruction. I believe they would all agree that St. Michael’s grabs your heart and inspires you to reach for the stars with the students you teach.

For me, it is quite bittersweet to have to take leave from a place that has changed my life. I have received so much more from the faculty, staff, and students than I could have ever given. Students have taught me so many lessons. Their honesty, passion, and generosity of spirit have made each day special. It has been a rare day that I did not want to come to school. They have made me laugh in one moment and brought me to tears in another. Each day I see their faces coming into school with enthusiasm for the day ahead and anticipation for what they may learn new. Their friendships and commitment to one another set an example for me, giving hope that our world could, in fact, be a kinder and gentler place if only we try. It has been my privilege to be a part of this community. St. Michael’s School is a magical place. I have had the honor to touch the future, and I am a better, more blessed person because of it. St. Michael’s will continue to hold a big piece of my heart as I return to my beloved Virginia. Thank you to this wonderful community for welcoming me in and for being my partner as the school has grown. The future is very bright, and there are infinite possibilities as we move forward. Godspeed. Truly, we are on holy ground here, as lives are changed forever.

Margaret Delk Moore

Head of School

And Just A Few Last Minute Reminders . . .

This is a busy time of year!  Here are the events for Friday:

8:10  Kindergarten Celebration – Smith Parish Center

9:15   Middle School Awards Chapel – Student Center

11:00  Soars With Eagles Chapel – Student Center

12:00 Dismissal – no Aftercare

5:00   8th Grade Graduation – Church

There is no hot lunch tomorrow or Friday.

Summer office hours:  The school office will be open from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm Monday through Friday.  We will have a box available on the door for forms to be dropped off before or after office hours

Summer camps:
Discover! Explore! Create! is offered for grades K-3 from in the mornings May 30th – June 22nd.
Engineering with Legos for grades K-3 is offered in the afternoons from June 4th – June 22nd.

Notes from the Head

When young prospective students and parents come to visit our school, along with other admissions materials we will give the child a little stuffed baby eagle. Not only is the eagle our mascot, but I believe it is fitting that we give a little eagle to little children who are launching their formal education with us. At St. Michael’s School, our students are in a nest, of sorts, and it is in our magical nest that we raise them up to be successful scholars. It is our job, in partnership with parents, not only to give them roots but also wings as they grow. As the eighth grade year progresses, we see the wings push out and our big eagles poised to soar. They are ready to fly, ready to leave our nest, ready to conquer the world of high school and beyond. They are empowered to be leaders, scholars, and more. Some take off on their own while others may need a gentle nudge, but off they will fly beyond our walls.

As a parent, I did not find it to be always easy nudging my own children out of the “nest.” There were days, I will admit, when that departure did not seem to come soon enough. On the other hand, just as I did when each left to go to Kindergarten, I shed more than a few tears as each left for college and beyond. My husband and I knew we had done our job in the best way that we could, but there were still millions of thoughts of things left unsaid or lessons left untaught. In spite of us and perhaps because of us, the roots had gone deep and the wings were poised for flight. Each was ready to move on at each stage of the game.

As I look at not only our eighth grade class but also our Kindergarteners and above, I know they are ready to move forward with excitement and anticipation. Each teacher looks at his or her class and takes a deep breath as the students move forward. We feel a possessiveness, for they have been ours for nine months of school. We have all done our best to teach each child, to encourage each child, to establish a moral compass in each child in order to prepare them for their next chapter. We have known them and we have loved them just as they are right now, and for who we know they will be as they grow and mature. Like parents, we are as proud of them as they grow, and we cheer from the side of the St. Michael’s nest as they soar with strong eagle wings.

As the last week of school comes, we are all grateful for the opportunity to have had each child in our classrooms and in the magical kingdom of St. Michael’s. Thank you to all you parents for sharing these gems with us and for trusting us with them as they grow. To be a part of this chapter of their lives during these formative years is indeed a privilege. What a joy it has been. Now watch them soar.

Margaret Delk Moore

Head of School


Boy Scout Diaper Drive

The St. Michael’s Boy Scouts are having a one-week diaper drive next week. There will be boxes around school to drop them in, or you can drop off a donation check in the School Office made out to the Diaper Bank. The need in the summer is harder to fill, so this is a good way to help as school ends. Thanks in advance for your help!

-Nick, Nate, Cameron and Dean
Troop 122

Notes from the Head

When I reflect back over all of the teachers I had as a student, including the professors I had in college, I can remember almost every single one. I remember their personalities, their style of teaching, and the encounters I had, both positive and negative. Their patience seemed never ending. Their enthusiasm and passion for teaching were often contagious, and they became my role models as I became a parent and then as an administrator. There were certain teachers whose influence on my education was profound. I majored in history because of two teachers who made the past come alive, and I later devoted myself to an advanced degree study on character formation because of the influence of a professor of ethics. Others taught me perseverance, particularly when the subject matter was hard, and I learned how to write through the constructive critique of my English teachers. The point is that teachers have tremendous influence on us as we progress through formal education, and often it is the more informal instruction that leaves the deepest impression. I believe to teach is to answer a vocational call. Our future depends on teachers. As teacher/ astronaut Christa McAuliffe once said, “I touch the future. I teach.”

As we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week next week at St. Michael’s, I will be the first one to say “thank you” to the men and women who give their heart and soul to our students. Our success as a school has everything to do with the quality of instruction our students. Our graduates, who go on to achieve at the highest level in high school and college, are the measure our success. When graduates return to visit, they repeatedly give credit for their success to the foundation laid at St. Michael’s School. I am deeply grateful for our teachers, for their dedication, for their commitment to each child, and for the sacrifices they make in order to put the needs of their students first. Teachers do make a difference, and each becomes a special chapter in the lives of the children they teach. To the faculty at St. Michael’s, we salute you!

Margaret Moore

Head of School

Fine Arts Night Flowers

Order forms for Grades 4-8 Fine Arts Night Flowers are due in the School Office on Wednesday, May 9th.  Pre-ordered flowers will be available for pick-up at the Flower Stand from 6 p.m. – 7 p.m. on the night of the performance.  A limited number of bouquets will be available for purchase the night of the show. These will be available at a higher price so order early to guarantee yours at the lower price!  Additional forms are also available online via the school blog and in the School Office.  Questions?  Contact Holly Hancock von Guilleaume at

To download the order form, click here:  4 – 8 2018 Fine Arts Order Form (1)-294rbri

Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies,and Juniors will have our final meeting of the year this Friday, May 4, after school in the Labyrinth Courtyard.

Notes from the Head

On Tuesday, as I was speaking with a colleague, a group of students who looked vaguely familiar walked by my door. As I rushed to catch up to them, grins and hugs greeted me from alumni boys who are now juniors in high school, returning to campus for our alumni celebration. The young adolescents who left us at the end of eighth grade had grown to be young men who are eagerly planning for college in another year. They talked about high school, how well prepared they were, their dreams for the future, and their continued love for St. Michael’s. It was a proud moment for me, as if they were my own boys. As I looked at them, I knew we had done our job well.

At St. Michael’s School, we have a community of families that are in partnership with us in raising children in mind, body, and spirit. We bring students in and treat them as our own. We work to prepare them for high school, shaping them as students who will make a difference in this world. We strive to instill a growth mindset as they learn new and complex concepts. We encourage them to reach for excellence, rather than perfection. As students grow and mature each year, their moral compass becomes shaped and defined. The values they carry forward become the foundation for the daily decisions and conduct for the rest of their lives. In short, we make a difference, and our alums who live the St. Michael’s values well beyond our adobe walls are the proof.

Each year, our eighth grade class visits the Capitol during their trip to Washington, D.C. They meet with our representatives to Congress and have the opportunity to ask questions regarding the operation of our government. Following this year’s trip, an alum who met our students during their visit to the Capitol took the time to send me a note regarding his interaction with our students. “Over the years, I have seen countless middle schoolers out here, and I can genuinely say that the St. Michael’s kids are far and away the most impressive. They listened patiently as Rep. McSally and two other D.C. alums spoke to them. They then proceeded to ask some very high-level questions about government, life in D.C., and how St. Michael’s prepared us for life. All of us were absolutely blown away.” Mr. Ridings also added, “St. Michael’s provided me with an incredible foundation for success, and I am positive that my peers would echo the same.”

Our alums speak volumes as they carry St. Michael’s into the world. From our enthusiastic high school students to those who have left college for careers, their actions speak louder than words, and St. Michael’s remains deeply embedded in their hearts. For that, I am grateful for, at the end of the day, we know we have done our job well. It is a privilege to be a special chapter in our students’ lives.

Margaret Moore

Head of School


The Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair (SARSEF) was held  April 12th at the Tucson Convention Center. Almost 2,000 project boards were displayed and judged by a team of volunteer scientists and engineers.

Students could receive recognition from a sponsoring group, a Grand Award, or, in some cases, both. Grand Awards represent the top three projects in that category and grade level in the Southern Arizona Region.

We are pleased to recognize the following students in the fourth, sixth, and eighth grades who were awarded special recognition.

Fourth Grade
Owen Brosanders:  Can Your Car Kill a Snail?            
Youth in Science

Oliver Lewis:  Light and Plant Growth                                                 
Grand Award: 2nd Place

Sixth Grade
Riley Egan and Lily Hays:  Have You Heard?
Grand Award: 2nd Place
ASQ Tucson Section Individual Merit Award

Simon In-Albon:  Trust in the Crust
Grand Award: 3rd Place

Robert Smith:  Counting Cacti
Grand Award: 2nd Place
Excellence in Desert Botany Research Award
Sonoran Desert Discovery
Tucson Cactus and Succulent Society

Eighth Grade
Fiona Fischer:  Caffeine Extraction of Coffees From Around the World
Grand Award: 2nd Place

Carmen Roe:  Butterfly Feeders – See Things in a Different Light
Grand Award: 1st Place
Peter Parker Award for Excellence in Insect Science

Talia Zuckerman-Brown:  Multilingual Minds
Grand Award: 3rd Place