Notes from the Head

The value for September has been tolerance. What an appropriate topic as we begin the school year, standing in observance of a significant election in our country. In our chapel services, we have spoken about tolerance first of ourselves, followed by tolerance of people that look different from us, and then tolerance of people who hold a different viewpoint from us. Tolerance is easy when everyone is of the same opinion…the same favorite color, favorite food, favorite sport, favorite school, etc. Tolerance becomes harder, however, as differences emerge and opinions are formulated that may not be the same as ours.

I am aware that at St. Michael’s we are not only teaching academic subjects, introducing new knowledge, and encouraging engaged learners; we are also teaching and modeling character and  leadership. Children watch us all the time…well, at least most of the time. As teachers and administrators, we serve as role models for our young charges. How we conduct ourselves, how we speak to each other and to them, how we deal with conflict and seek resolution, how we problem-solve by being part of the solution, these all serve to model for our students what we are teaching them day in and day out. The best way to teach leadership is to model good leadership. In doing so, the hope is that our students will follow our lead and model that going forward.

No pressure there! This causes me to stop and think often about how my actions might be perceived by students and by my colleagues. My concern is that often we may feel we are pushing the rock up a sometimes steep hill when it comes to modeling tolerance. Social media as well as television seem to be filled with too many examples of adults’ using harsh language, name-calling, or character assault as opposed to issue-based debate. This opens the door, however, to opportunities for us to offer alternative solutions by taking seriously  our position as leaders and role models. We can demonstrate a better way to express our opinions, listen well to others, and accept our differences without damaging the relationships we have with one another. That’s what tolerance looks like to me. We honor our differences and celebrate our diversity, while being people of integrity. In doing so, the hope is that we are mindfully sending forth young people who are empowered to be strong leaders, inquisitive learners, and compassionate, tolerant friends. Certainly it is a goal we can all strive for.

Margaret Moore

Head of School

Middle School Moments

One of the features of our Middle School schedule is the two periods a week during which the children get to pick an elective activity.  They choose from a variety of classes or clubs that are offered by one of our teachers.  The activities/electives last for the entire trimester and are varied in nature.  This year we seem to have unusually exciting and wide-ranging offerings.  The accompanying poster shows what we were doing last Friday, September 16.

Coaches’ Corner

Fall sports are off to a great start! Our Girls Volleyball team is undefeated, and our Flag Football team closed out last week with two victories, giving them a record of 2-1.
Here are some upcoming games:
Flag Football
9/22 @ Tucson Country Day School
9/23 @ The Gregory (A Team Only)
9/28 @ Leman Academy
9/22 @ Tucson Country Day School
9/27 vs. Casas Christian @ St. Michael’s
9/29 @ Greenfields
Each A Team typically plays at 4 p.m., and the B Team plays at 5 p.m.  The most current game schedule can always be found on the Middle School Sports Calendar, which has a link from the Eagle Express blog.  Come out and support your Eagles!

In Our Community

Tyler Stites, a freshman at the University of Arizona, was one of six cyclists chosen to represent the United States in the upcoming Junior men’s road race at the 2016 Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) World Championships in Doha, Qatar. Tyler also happens to be the son of our second-grade teacher Rane Clements. The race, normally held every September, was moved this year to October due to the intense summer heat in the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula. This past July Tyler won Stage 2 at the Tour de l’Abitibi in Quebec, Canada. He rides with El Grupo Youth Cycling Team in Tucson. Go, Tyler!

Salpointe Open House

All families are invited to Salpointe’s Open House on October 9th from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.  All students and their parents are invited to attend sessions presented by the school’s faculty, meet current students, enjoy their musical and choral groups, and learn about their college-counseling program, honors and advanced placement courses, cross-disciplinary programs in Humanities and STEM, athletics and other extra-curricular activities, and more.


We Need Your Help on the Playground!

As you know, our children enjoy playground time during the lunch hour.  We are in need of a few more parent-volunteers to assist our hired monitor, Jodi, in watching the kids play.  In particular, we could use volunteers willing to commit to twice a month on Mondays or Tuesdays from 11:15 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.  Playground volunteering is a lot of fun and a great way to interact with your kids and their friends.  If you are interested, please email Alisa Reed at

Thank you to all who came to the SMA meeting last week to discuss and share ideas.  All are welcome.  SMA’s meeting dates are on the school calendar, with the next one being Wednesday, October 19, at 8:05 a.m.

Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Troop 222 will meet this Friday, September 23, at 3:30 p.m. after school in the Labyrinth Courtyard next to After-care.   We will have snacks, and then each group (Daisy, Brownie, and Junior) will move to separate rooms.

Cadettes will meet on Sunday, September 25, at 4:00 p.m. in the Science Room with the Boy Scouts.

Please turn in your membership and dues if you have not yet done so.  Call Chris Lewis (334-5102) if you have any questions.  Thanks!​