Science Fair

The annual St. Michael’s Parish Day School Science Fair was held February 10-14, 2014, in the Student Center.  Students from the 4th, 6th, and 8th grades asked a question and devised an experimental procedure to answer that question. This process helps the students to develop their critical thinking skills using the scientific method.

The entire court of the Student Center was filled with the displays that represented the culmination of a great deal of hard work on the part of the students.  Volunteer judges from the community donated their time and expertise to help select those projects that deserve special recognition.  The volunteer judges included many wise adults from within our St. Michael’s Community. We would like to thank Mrs. Mary Olsen, Mrs. Gina Connelly, Mrs. Helen Labus, Mrs. Valerie Greenhill, Mr. and Mrs. Crutchfield, and Mr. Jay Croswell.

The judges recognized the following Middle School students:

8th Grade Science Fair Winners 

First place                               Peyton Lewis                              Nature’s Dilemma

Second place                          Lindsay Pesqueira                   Cantaloupe Concussions

Third place                              Maddie Brown                          What Do Eye See?

Honorable Mention             Cole Lanning                             Is Fire a Climber?

                                                     James Lopez

Honorable Mention             Reilly Salkowski                       From Washer to Garden

6th Grade Science Fair Winners 

First Place                               Kayla Conway                           A Rose By Any Other Name

Second Place                          Stephanie Rehwaldt               Safety in Color

Third Place                              Ela Romanoski                        Color and Comprehension

Honorable Mention             Alexis Johnson                        Surface Tension: May the Force Be With You

Honorable Mention             Delaney Sanders                     What Makes the Best Cookie?

4th Grade Science Fair Finalists

Jack Connelly                                           Better Header
Carmen Roe                                               Butterfly Brunch
Jonathan Lewis                                        Bridge Designs
Chloe Pesqueira                                       Balloon Splash
Varga Michaud                                         Lenses, Heat and Light
Marina Lopez                                            Veggie Time
Serena Hsu                                                 Carry on Baggage
Ellie Greenwood                                       Paw Prints
Fiona Fischer                                             Pomegranate DNA
Linden                                                        Towering Tomatoes

Students from this group will represent St. Michael’s at the Southern Arizona Reginal Science and Engineering Fair, which will be held March 10-14 at the Tucson Convention Center.