Computer Science Education Week

December 8-14 is Computer Science Education Week, and St. Michael’s students will join the millions of students around the world that have already tried an Hour of Code.  Students will be using the free coding apps Lightbot One Hour Coding, Kodable, and Cargo-Bot on iPads in classrooms, and K-5 students will be using in computer class.  We will continue with courses throughout the year in order to advance their coding skills.  Our middle school lego robotics team competed in the Arizona First Lego League Southern Arizona Qualifying Tournament on Saturday, and they utilized a great deal of code to program their robot.  The middle school also offers a coding elective on Fridays that teaches http and css with

There are many opportunities for St. Michael’s students to learn to code, and we hope you utilize some of the free tools mentioned above to continue this learning experience at home!

-Ms. Greynolds

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St. Michael’s Lego Robotics Team