Science Fair Winners

This year, St. Michael’s sent twenty students (ten from fourth grade, five from sixth grade, and five from eighth grade) to SARSEF (Southern Arizona Research, Science, and Engineering Foundation). Of those twenty projects, six won top awards.

In fourth grade,  Joshua Burke won SARSEF Grand Award: 2nd Place for his project “Baking Soda Lift Off” in the Chemical and Biochemical Sciences category.

In sixth grade, there were two wi​nning projects​. Martin Gioannetti won SARSEF Grand Award: 1st Place for his project “It’s Not Loading!” in the Robotics and Computer Sciences category. Nicholas Darling won SARSEF Grand Award: 1st Place in the Earth and Environmental Sciences category, as well as SARSEF’s Community Challenge Award.

​In eighth grade, there were three winning projects. Kaitllyn Divijak won two awards. She won the Southwest Gas Corporation / Award of Excellence​ and the​ Tucson Electric Power Award of Excellence​ for her project “Photovoltaic Pollution”​ in the Energy category​​. Sophia Greenhill won SARSEF Grand Award: 1st Place​ for her project “Lights Out” in the ​Behavioral and Social Sciences category. Max Michaud and Andrew Weesner won SARSEF Grand Award: 2nd Place​ for their project “Phytality​”​ in the Molecular and Microbiological Sciences category. ​

In addition, Nicholas Darling, Max Michaud, and Andrew Weesner have been nominated for the 2015  Broadcom MASTERS® (Math, Applied Science, Technology and Engineering for Rising Stars), a program of the Society for Science & the Public (SSP). The Broadcom MASTERS is a national competition. Only ten percent of middle school projects nationwide are invited to apply online for the Broadcom MASTERS.

Over the summer, 300 semifinalists ​will be identified ​and​, from that 300, ​30 finalist​ projects will be selected ​to compete in the finals, held in Silicon Valley, California.​ Congratulations and good luck, gentlemen!

All projects receiving the SARSEF Grand Award: 1st Place are eligible to enter the AZSEF competition at the state level. In addition, students who received first place at their school-level fair, yet did not receive a SARSEF Grand 1st award, are still eligible to attend the AZSEF competition. This means that from St. Michael’s, there are five students eligible to take their projects to the next level:

Nick Darling

Andrew Gioannetti (1st in sixth grade at the school level)

Martin Gioannetti

Kaitlyn Divijak

Sophia Greenhill

We wish these students the best if they choose to participate in the AZSEF in Phoenix in April. We are also so pleased with all of our fourth, sixth, and eighth grade students for persevering and working so hard on their science fair projects this year. Everyone did such a great job!