iPad Charging Recommendations

During a recent visit to the La Encantada Apple Store, I was given two new recommendations from Apple regarding increasing the lifespan of Apple devices. The store employees had just been informed of these the prior week.

1. Every device should be turned off completely at least two times per week for fifteen minutes each time. This applies to iPads, iPhones, computers, etc. Many of us are in the habit of almost never turning off our devices, but not giving them time to “rest” can cause problems over time. Our recommendation is that student iPads be turned off each night before bedtime.

2. There is a lot of conflicting information on this topic, but Apple is now recommending that you only charge your device until it reaches 100% and then unplug it from the charger. Overcharging can decrease the lifespan of the battery and cause additional problems. This one may be especially difficult to follow because many of us charge our devices overnight. Our recommendation is that student iPads be charged in the afternoon/evening while at home. Plug in a charging cable at the student’s desk, so that the iPad can be charging while homework is being completed. Use an overnight charge as a last resort if there wasn’t enough time spent at home that evening to do it then.