Science Fair Winners

The annual St. Michael’s Science Fair, held the week just prior to our Rodeo Break, was a resounding success! The terrific efforts of our students were on display in the Student Center, and our budding scientists presented their results during poster sessions which were held at the STEM Festival. It was truly wonderful to see the scientific process in action across a diverse and creative set of investigations.

The winners of the Science Fair are as follows:
Fourth Grade
1st Place: Madeline Stagg “Ruff Workout”
2nd Place: Jackie Peterson “Sharpie Take Down”
3rd Place: Iliana Wisniewski “Desert Animal Picture Survey”
Honorable Mention: Ethan Greenwood “Get Growing”
Honorable Mention: Nico Levine “Germs Germs Germs”
Honorable Mention: William Levine “Want More Sugar . . . “
Honorable Mention: Megan Merrin “Geode Discoveries”
Honorable Mention: Malina Willard “Does Flouride Help Your Teeth?”
Sixth Grade
1st Place:   Boone Lewis  “Worm Composting”
2nd Place:  Zoe Flagg   “Drought-Resistant Soil”
3rd Place : Marlena Fest   “How Does Light Affect Our Eyes?”
Honorable Mention:  Atticus Smith    “A Slippery Situation”
Honorable Mention:  Aiko Levine “Is It Hot or Not?”
Eighth Grade
1st Place:  Katherine Hawes   “Bad Vibrations”
2nd Place:  Aidan Huber   “Let It Grow”
3rd Place:  Nicholas Darling   “Battery Wars”
Honorable Mention:  Nathan Chabin & Martin Gioannetti   “Particles Matter”
Honorable Mention:  Andres Peralta, Thomas Monthofer, Nick Zaetta “Think Fast”
Additionally, three of our eighth grade students have participated in a Research Apprenticeship Program through Sky School and the University of Arizona. These students are Willa Kleiner, Andrew Gioannetti, and Maya Sterling. They have been working with research mentors for many months, and their fantastic projects will also be competing at the Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair at the end of March.