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A great big THANK YOU to all of our authors, illustrators, cartoonists, and multi-media specialists who volunteered their time to come and speak to the students last week.

Wee Work for Good:  Wee Work for Good is a Tucson-based social good company founded by two Tucson moms, Kristen Littell and Amy Geile, who were searching for a way to instill a lifelong spirit of compassion in their children. CEO Kristen Littell spoke at All-School Chapel last Monday regarding Wee Work’s story, mission, and the activity kits Wee Work makes.  The kits are an engaging way for parents, grandparents, schools, or other volunteer groups to interactively teach kids about compassion and social issues, make a difference, and give back to the community.  There are kits on cultural awareness, education & literacy, dental health, animal welfare, children’s rights, health & wellness, and patriotism.  Kits are ordered online and delivered to your doorstep. For each kit purchased, Wee Work makes a donation to a charity to address the social issue related to the activity — i.e., Wee Work donates a book if you choose the education & literacy kit.  Wee Work kindly donated a portion of their sale proceeds back to St. Michael’s.  Wee Work has also developed a compassion curriculum for after-school programs.  Kristen Littell also read her book, Wee Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes, to students in grades K-3.  The kids had a great time trying on each other’s shoes while learning about compassion.  Books can also be purchased on Wee Work’s website.  For more information about Wee Work for Good, including their activity kits, compassion curriculum, and book, go to  Thank you, Wee Work for Good!

Learning A-Z:  Learning A-Z is a leading innovative education technology company that provides educators, administrators, students, and parents with affordable resources to support and develop literacy and dual-langauge and bilingual programs through a blend of printable, projectable, digital, and mobile platform resources.  A big thanks to John Morgan, Arnulfo Bermudez, and Lee Blahnik, who spoke to grades 4-5 about education technology and the process of making, editing, and illustrating a book.  A big thanks to Laura Zwickl, who spoke to our K-3 students about her writing role at Learning A-Z and the book she wrote.  For additional information about Learning A-Z and its products, go to  Thank you, Learning A-Z!

Chris Britt:  Chris Britt is a nationally known author, illustrator, and editorial cartoonist with Arizona roots.  Chris’s political cartoons continue to be distributed to more than 200 newspaper clients each week.  His work has appeared in Newsweek, Time, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and USA Today, as well as aired on CNN’s Inside Politics, MSNBC, Fox News, and ABC’s Good Morning America.  Chris also writes and illustrates children’s books.  His new book, The Most Perfect Snowman, (October 2016) is available through Harper Collins at  Thank you, Chris!

A great big THANK YOU to the teachers and students who did a phenomenal job of decorating their classroom doors according to the “It’s A Small World” theme.  The entries were so good the judges couldn’t decide!  Thank you to our judges, too. The winners will receive Eegee’s.

A great big THANK YOU to those who contributed to the 10+ boxes full of gently used books we collected to donate to the Angel Heart Pajama Project.  The Angel Heart Pajama Project is a non-profit organization that provides pajamas and books to Tucson children in need, those who have been removed from homes, those placed in foster care, etc.  They are thrilled!

A great big THANK YOU to Leah Walker and the back-up bakers who provided delicious cookies for K-3’s Cookie and Pajama Day, a day of cozy and yummy reading.

A great big THANK YOU to all of the administrators, faculty, and volunteers who made the Love of Reading Week possible!  In particular, thank you to Barbara Faltico, Margaret Moore, Terese Souvignier, Michelle Slavin, Susie Huerta-Rojas, and Angela Greynolds!

BOOK FAIR – Thank you!

A huge THANK YOU to the following individuals who made our annual Book Fair a success.

Set-up:  Brian Connelly, Jack Connelly, Dave Ross, Angela Edwards, Terese Souvignier, Megan Brown, Trevor James, and Camryn, Casey, Kylie, Kaylin, & Kyle Huerta-Rojas

Volunteers: Michelle Slavin, Terese Souvignier, Michelle Gastrock, Megan Brown, Angela Ruiz, Chris In-Albon, Erika Pina-Loucks, Gina Reyes, Shanti Martinez, Alisa Reed, Stephanie Liu, Marta Strambi-Kramer, Sarah Hoover, Alexis Myers, Hyewon Shin, Tawanna Wilson and Alana Stubbs

Break-down: Kristin Greenwood, Ethan Greenwood, Ellie Greenwood, Alana Stubbs, Michele Gastrock, Stephanie Liu, Christopher Wilds, Chris Wilds, Dave Ross, Isabel Rebert, and Camryn, Casey, Kylie, Kaylin, & Kyle Huerta-Rojas

Additionally, thank you to the teachers who brought their classes to the Book Fair, as well as all the parents and grandparents. We are grateful for your support!