Parking Lot Etiquette and Safety

Recently, students were observed running across the parking lot to classrooms in the midst of cars coming and going for arrival. We have also witnessed cars driving much too fast coming into the parking lots as the 8:00 morning bell was ringing. We certainly want to encourage punctuality; however, it is much more important to arrive safely and with caution in our parking areas. Please be mindful of your speed and watch for students and parents that may be walking to and from school.

In addition, we have had a growing number of concerns expressed from the Harold Bell Wright neighborhood, located behind the school, regarding the number of parents who are using the parking area adjacent to the park. In recent months, neighbors have had near-misses either in cars or while on morning walks from drivers who are not observing speed limits or mindful of neighbors who are walking in the area. Just today, a neighbor came within inches of being hit by a car backing up and then speeding out of the area. Parents are strongly encouraged to use the St. Michael’s parking areas for drop-off or pick-up rather than the spaces adjacent to the park. Should you still want to use the playground parking area, we would ask that you obey all posted street signs, including speed limits, and be mindful of neighbors walking on the streets. We strive to be good neighbors and keep everyone safe!