Class Placements

The question often comes up at this time of the year regarding the process used for class placements. The practice continues to be that the classroom teachers offer the best recommendations for placement of students. Much thought and consideration go into this, and it is the current grade-level teachers, working together as a team, who make the recommendations for placement. The first consideration is to place a student with the teacher and in the class where he or she can be most successful. In addition, teachers, knowing each child’s personality, chemistry with students, and learning style, make class recommendations to the division directors. We do not encourage parent requests for specific teachers; however, should a parent have particular requests, we recommend speaking with the child’s current teacher about the reasons for a request. All teachers work very hard and thoughtfully in composing recommended class lists with the ultimate goal of having balanced class groupings in which each student can have a successful school year. We appreciate the trust that is given by parents as these placements are made, and know that our partnership on behalf of each child yields a great outcome.