SMA News

Thanks to all the families that made St. Mike’s Meet Yourself a successful event! We also want to give a great big thank-you to all the volunteers that made it happen:

Stephanie Liu, Annie O’Meara, Mandy Hart, Judi Breault, Jenn Gould, Matt Teller, Erika Pina-Loucks, Lonnie Reese, Penni Hayward, and Barbara Faltico

Vaqueros: Brian Connelly, Chris Wilds, Dave Ross

Honor students:
Audrey Newton, Catherine Bennett, Natalie Son, Logan Corrado, Kenny Strong, Hayden Corrado, Nico Rivera, Boone Lewis, Lilly Martinez-Ross, Nick Martinez-Ross, Nate Crutchfield

Our next event is Grandparents’ Day on October 20. Please contact Breanne and Haley if you would like to volunteer.