Notes from the Head

In a blink of an eye, we are in our final days of the school year. In so many ways, it has been an extraordinary year for St. Michael’s School. Our students have been the rock stars, lighting up our world in the classrooms, on stage, on the athletic fields, in academic competitions, and in their amazing generosity of community service throughout Tucson and beyond. We have helped to plant and water seeds of knowledge and guided the students as strong roots have taken hold and grown. Their thirst for knowledge has been inspiring. Their zest for life has reminded us all that we should live fully, laugh often, and love all aspects of what we do. At the end of the day, we are grateful to have walked the path with each student this year and appreciate the trust and partnership with parents as we have watched them grow.

The hard part, however, is watching them leave us on the last day. For some of us, that leaving involves saying good-bye to St. Michael’s as well. Some teachers have given their heart and soul for twenty years or more. St. Michael’s has been their home, and the number of children they count as “their own” is quite large. Words cannot express our deepest appreciation to Mrs. Faltico, Mrs. Schultz, and Mrs. Thiltges. They each have made a profound difference in the children they have guided and taught. Others, in a shorter period, have left their mark as well. Hats off to Dr. Schaub, Mrs. Hawes, and Mr. Senkbeil for their guidance and instruction. I believe they would all agree that St. Michael’s grabs your heart and inspires you to reach for the stars with the students you teach.

For me, it is quite bittersweet to have to take leave from a place that has changed my life. I have received so much more from the faculty, staff, and students than I could have ever given. Students have taught me so many lessons. Their honesty, passion, and generosity of spirit have made each day special. It has been a rare day that I did not want to come to school. They have made me laugh in one moment and brought me to tears in another. Each day I see their faces coming into school with enthusiasm for the day ahead and anticipation for what they may learn new. Their friendships and commitment to one another set an example for me, giving hope that our world could, in fact, be a kinder and gentler place if only we try. It has been my privilege to be a part of this community. St. Michael’s School is a magical place. I have had the honor to touch the future, and I am a better, more blessed person because of it. St. Michael’s will continue to hold a big piece of my heart as I return to my beloved Virginia. Thank you to this wonderful community for welcoming me in and for being my partner as the school has grown. The future is very bright, and there are infinite possibilities as we move forward. Godspeed. Truly, we are on holy ground here, as lives are changed forever.

Margaret Delk Moore

Head of School