Uniform Exchange

Our final Uniform Exchange for the 2019 school year was a smashing success! We not only found new St. Michael’s homes for many items, but in our efforts to offer the highest quality uniforms at future exchanges, we donated hundreds of less desirable items to the TUSD clothing bank and to the Guatemala clothing drive. We cut the number of bins to store in half and are excited to share the best of the best in uniforms at exchanges to come. Our faithful volunteers helped sort, organize, and tag over 15 bins of clothing!
Thank you to: Michelle Slavin, Ana Marin, Ivelise Badillo, Melanie Badillo, Bridget Peyton, Marta Strambi-Kramer, Terese Souvignier, Heather Walsh, Jennifer Jennings, and Arin Hassell.
We could not have accomplished such a large task without you!
Be on the look out for information regarding an exchange this summer in preparation for the upcoming school year. In the past, this exchange has been held in late July over two days. We will be accepting high quality donations in the school office throughout the summer. If you enjoy sorting and organizing, please contact Michelle Gastrock or Christina Collins to be a part of our committee next year! Thank you to all who participated in the exchanges this school year. The success of the uniform exchange depends on your contributions!