SMA News

As we wrap up the school year, we have so many volunteers to thank! With the help of our St. Michael’s families, we have been able to bless our teachers and staff in so many ways and to provide fun events for the whole school.

We would like to thank some of our most recent volunteers…

Amy Petrow and Denise Blair organized another amazing Teacher Appreciation Week! They couldn’t have done it without all those who stepped up to help out. Thank you to: Allison Sullivan, Jennifer Wolert, Marion Henry, Elizabeth Juneman, Amy Huether, Vania Lewis, Angela Ruiz, Alison Cook, Stacy Butler, Julie Taber, Mindy Illes, Margaret Trouard, Suzi Dovi, Julie Bowen, Priya Abramian, Michelle Gastrock, Kelly McCormick, Maris Posadas, Laura Lee, Holly Von Guilleaume, Katie Bailey, Alisa Reed, Helen Bernard, Regina Morato, Stephanie Healy, Ana Marin, Breanne Tirrito, Katherine Layton, Ivelise Badillo, Michelle Slavin, Jean McKnight- Guymon, Julia Rebert, Marnie Ackerman, Gladys Tom, Katie Bailey and Nilva Breault.

Ms. Allen and Ms. Monsma organized a beautiful display of our children’s artwork at Art Expo this year. A huge thank you to the following volunteers who helped them to prep and mount the artwork: Jen Thorn, Kelly Rothrock, Kristina Chastain, Dina Corrado, Jennifer Wolert, Michelle and Jason Gastrock, Michelle’s mom Anita, Alison Cook, Arin Haldeman’s mom, Ms. Allen’s mom, Margaret Allen, Gladys Tom, Chris In-Albon, Amy Huether, Alisa and Rich Reed, Marnie Ackerman, Ashly Merheb and Alison Sullivan. Also for the following volunteers who helped with the bar and food service and art auction: Chris Wilds, Alex Leyton, Eli Rodriguez, Paul Loucks, Jason Gastrock, Chris Lewis, Brandon Blair, Dan Burke, Joe Corrado, Duane Dyson, Sagit Vinayak, Stephanie Liu, Marnie Ackerman, Gladys Tom, Anita Vancil, Michelle Gastrock, Susie Huerta-Rojas, Denise Blair, Erika Pina-Loucks, Laura Lee, Ann Wilds, Mo, Ashly, Vincent and Julian Merheb, Ruben Rojas and Sean Pollard.

And we can’t forget those who have helped ALL year long…

Thank you to the room parents for all they do throughout the year including the creation of amazing art expo auction projects with their classes! The funds raised go back into our school’s art program. Our much appreciated room parents include: Heather Bosse, Jennifer Wolert, Heather Walsh, Julie Bowen, Mindy Illes, Songsiri Chanvitayapongs, Katie O’Brien, Robin Riley, Nova Burns, Monica Gonzales, Angela Martinez, Melissa Brosanders, Ashley Merheb, Sherry Downer, Megan Brown, Michelle Slavin, Alisa Reed, Alexis Meyers, David Daniell, Tawanna Wilson, Vania Lewis, Haley Ochoa, Erika Pina-Loucks, Breanne Tirrito, Anabelle Pena, Gladys Tom, Julia Rebert and Kim Vinayak.

And last, but certainly not least, our SMA Committee Chairs: Michelle Slavin (Communication), Leah Walker (Back Up Bakers), Susie Huerta and Julia Rebert (Book Fair), Breanne Tirrito (Campus Decorations), Ana Marin (Free Money Programs), Megan Brown (Room Parent Coordinator), Kristina Chastain (Fine Arts Flowers), Amanda Kukla and Brigitte Townsdin (Holiday Greens), Gladys Tom (Hospitality), Sherry Downer (Love of Reading Week), Jason Gastrock and Treber Rebert (Mardi Gras Pancake Lunch), Alisa and Rich Reed (Playground Monitors), Dina and Joe Corrado (Mathathon), Amy Petrow and Denise Blair (Teacher Appreciation Week) and Michelle Gastrock and Christina Collins (Uniform Exchange).

One more special thank you to the St. Michael’s families’ businesses who have sponsored Coffee Corners this year!

All of our SMA volunteers are truly the heart and soul of what makes St. Michael’s the wonderful place that it is! Thank you for letting us serve you this year.

Haley and Heather