Notes from the Head

Dear St. Michael’s Parents and Families—

By all accounts we are off to a great start to the 2018-2019 academic year. Thank you for your continued good wishes as I begin the headship at our wonderful school. I encourage you, if you have yet to consider it, to sign up for a parent listening session with me in September, October, or November. The invitation to do so went out to all families last week.

These short, one-hour conversations will help me better understand the parent experience at St. Michael’s and will in turn help you get a better sense of me, as an educator and as a person, and a clear sense of my first-year goals and initiatives and our longer term vision and direction.

Until then, I hope to see all of you at one of the two Curriculum Nights this week or next: tomorrow, Thursday, August 23rd, at 6:00 p.m. for grades four to eight; and next week, Thursday, August 30th, at 6:00 p.m. as well for grades Kindergarten to three.

All good wishes,

Brendan Sullivan
Head of School

Eagle’s Quill

The Eagle’s Quill winners of the Miscellaneous contest were announced in Monday Chapel: Ifeoluwa Yesu (first grade), Sophie Dovi-Smit (third grade), Scarlett Street (sixth grade), and Carley Hahn (sixth grade) were honored for their writing, and Lily Moncada (first grade), Finnegan Hawes (fourth grade), and Riley Egan (sixth grade) were honored for their artwork.

The deadline for the cover contest for this year’s theme, “Lost in Life’s Library,” has been extended to next Monday, April 30th. The magazine is looking for original, colorful, vertical artwork on that topic. The winner will receive a gift certificate to the craft store Michael’s–and will be featured on the front cover of this year’s issue!

Eagle’s Quill Countdown!

There is only one week left for students to submit writing and art for this year’s edition of Eagle’s Quill.  The deadline for all submissions other than the front cover is Wednesday, April 4th.  The current contest has a Miscellaneous theme so any topic will work. The long Easter weekend offers a perfect opportunity to polish up that poem, essay, story, or sketch!

The theme of this year’s magazine is “Lost in Life’s Library.” The front-cover contest runs until April 25th. Entries should fit the theme and be colorful and vertical.

In Our Community

Riley Egan (sixth grade) and Chloe Pesqueira (eighth grade) have been honored by the Living River of Words contest — Riley for her art, and Chloe for her poetry.  The contest is coordinated by the Environmental Education division of the Pima County Department of Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation, and it celebrates natural watersheds and wetlands habitats. More than 800 submisions were received for  the contest. Riley and Chloe will be recognized at an awards ceremony on Saturday, April 7th. Congratulations, girls!

Eagle’s Quill

Prizes for the fifth Eagle’s Quill contest of the year (“Back to the Past”) were awarded in All-School Chapel on Monday.  The writers recognized were Adriana Blair (fourth grade), Jackson Tirrito (fifth grade), and Serena Hsu (eighth grade). The winning artists were Emilio Olmedo (second grade) and Linden Solgonick (eighth grade).

The final writing and art contest has a miscellaneous theme: Anything Goes! This is the last chance for students to submit their work this year. The deadline for this contest, and for all submissions except for cover submissions, is Wednesday, April 4.

Additionally, the staff of the magazine announced the theme of this year’s edition: “Lost in Life’s Library.” Cover art submissions tackling this theme are due by Wednesday, April 25.  The winning student not only has his or her artwork included on the front cover of this year’s issue but will also receive a gift card to the craft store Michael’s.  Vertical, colorful drawings, paintings, and photos are sought.

Let’s get writing and drawing!

Eagle’s Quill Contests

The fifth Eagle’s Quill contest of the year, “Back to the Past,” wraps up on Wednesday, February 28.  Students are encouraged to use the Rodeo Break to work on writing or artwork that delves into personal history, family history, U.S. history, or world history.

The deadline for all submissions, no matter the topic, is Wednesday, April 4.  The one exception is the front cover contest, which will extend until Wednesday, April 25.  The theme of this year’s magazine is “Lost in Life’s Library.”  The staff of Eagle’s Quill is looking for colorful, preferably vertical artwork or photography to illustrate this concept. The winner gets his or her artwork displayed on the front cover of the 2017-18 edition of the magazine, and receives a gift card to Michael’s (the craft store, not the school!).

Eagle’s Quill

A reminder that the Eagle’s Quill contest “Back to the Past” is ongoing. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, February 28. Any writing or artwork related to ideas of the past, including personal history, family history, or regional/national/world history, will be considered!

Eagle’s Quill

The winners from the fourth Eagle’s Quill contest of the year (“Contest from the Costco”) were announced in All-School Chapel this past Monday. The winners of this food-themed contest were Erin Even (first grade), Victoria Moncada (fourth grade), and Riley Egan (sixth grade). The next contest, “Back to the Past,” covers the themes of personal and/or world history.  Its deadline is Wednesday, February 28th.

Students who had contributed to the 2016-2017 Eagle’s Quill (“Critter Kingdom”), which was recenty ranked as “Excellent” by the National Council of Teachers of English’s literary magazine contest, were also recognized in chapel. Our school’s magazine has been honored by NCTE now twelve years in a row. Last year’s edition was one of only three student magazines recognized in the State of Arizona, and the only one from a K-8 school, as the contest mainly honors high school publications.

Eagle’s Quill seeks to publish work from all grades and from a wide variety of genres and media. The upcoming Rodeo Break offers a perfect opportunity for students to embark upon a fabulously creative work of writing or art, whether on the topic of history or any other topic, before the final deadline for this year’s issue in early April. Let’s keep the tradition going!

Eagle’s Quill

The editors of Eagle’s Quill presented prizes for the winners of the third contest of the year (“Contest from the Cosmos”) during All-School Chapel on Monday morning. The winners for writing were Bobby Smith (sixth grade), Teagan Smith (sixth grade), and Scarlett Street (sixth grade).  The winners for art were Anthony Son (third grade), Chris Lundin (fifth grade), and Riley Egan (sixth grade).

The deadline for the fourth contest of the year, “Contest from the Costco” (on the topic of food), is Thursday, January 18.  Remember, though, that students can turn in writing and artwork on any topic at any time up until the final deadline for the magazine in early April.  Simply submit!

Please contact Mr. Hawes or Ms. Burnson with any questions about Eagle’s Quill.

Eagle’s Quill

The winners of the third Eagle’s Quill contest of the year (“Contest from the Cosmos”) will be announced when we return from winter break. In the meantime, students are encouraged to work on writing and art to keep busy through the holidays.  The fourth contest (“Contest from the Costco”) covers the theme of FOOD. The deadline is Thursday, January 18.  So sip some hot chocolate, nibble a Santa cookie, and get to work!