Geography Bee

The following students won their class Geography Bees and participated in the school level of the National Geographic Geography Bee before our holiday break: Kenny Strong, Tanvi Narendran, Virginia Kimme-Hea, Lance Kaye, Jack Connelly, Miika Lagat, Adriana Blair, Jack Douglass, Finnegan Hawes, and Ryan Hays.  The winners of the school-wide Bee were Jack Connelly (third place), Tanvi Narendran (second place), and Kenny Strong (first place).  Kenny will now take a qualifying test to compete in the state Bee in April.  Congratulations to all the participants!

After-School Programs

Fliers are being sent home today for the following after-school clubs and classes.  Here are the links, if you would like to download any flier:

Karate – Self Defense Karate Spring 18-236mxhl

Hip Hop – Hip Hop Spring 18-1dr82j1

Chess – Chess Spring 18-1tp6fys

Girls on the Run – GOTR Spring 2018-1gh9mge

Play Well Lego Engineering – St. Michaels Winter 2018 Flyer-1vj4hp6 (This flier will be sent home next week – the class starts on Friday, February 2.)

The middle school Photo Club flier was sent out before Christmas break. There are still a few spots open for any middle school student still interested. Photo Club meetings begin on Friday, January 19.


SMA News

The SMA meeting for January has been cancelled. Please join us at our next meeting, scheduled for February 14 at 8:05 a.m. in the Smith Parish Center.

Please stop by Coffee Corner this Friday.  The Eighth Grade is also having a bake sale that morning, so you can enjoy coffee and a sweet!

Coach’s Corner

Middle School Sports

Upcoming games – Coed Soccer
1/18 –  Pusch Ridge @ SM 4:00 p.m.
1/19 – SM @ Desert Christian 4:00 p.m.
1/24 – SM @ Academy of Tucson 4:00 p.m.
1/25 – Desert Christian @ SM 4:00 p.m.
Winter tournament – 1/30, 2/1, 2/2
Winter Intramurals
Upcoming practices:
Thursday, 1/11
Wednesday, 1/17
Thursday, 1/18 (last practice of this session!)

Notes from the Head

What better place to be during the Christmas season than at a school? There is a festive spirit in the air at St. Michael’s, and the excitement grows with each day. Santa hats and reindeer antlers are appearing, and cookies and special treats are filling the classrooms and counters. Christmas music is in the air. Adults and children alike can be heard humming a little tune as they walk along. Moreover, in each child’s eyes there is a sparkle, a little twinkle, and a sense of wonder and awe as Christmas Day approaches. It really is rather magical, and one would have to try very hard not to be in the Christmas spirit. Grinches are not allowed here!

Yes, it is good to be around children at this time of the year. When I think that the world is a bit too glum, and when I feel the season is more about the material than the spiritual, I only have to look at these children. From our youngest little Kindergarten darlings to the rapidly growing middle kingdom ladies and gents, their excitement and anticipation are contagious. They remind us to laugh, to love, and to live large. They display hope in all of its glory and a belief that all is right with the world. Children bring a special light into our lives, and it is hard to be grumpy and gloomy when their smiling faces reflect only joy. What we see around children is the true meaning of Christmas.

Hope, joy, peace, love, wonder, expectation, anticipation, and light. These words describe the Christmas season, but they also describe the atmosphere of our school. This is a place where dreams come true. This is a place where we cultivate growth in mind, body, and spirit. This is a place where we all not only teach, but we all learn, adults as well as children. God, in God’s wisdom, knew the wisdom that comes from a child. “For unto us, a child is born, unto us, a Son is given…and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.” (Isaiah 9:5)  Indeed, the children do lead us, which is a wonderful reminder at Christmas. From all of us at St. Michael’s School, we wish you a Merry Christmas season and a New Year filled with blessings, wonder, and awe.

Margaret Moore

Head of School

Lost Items Looking to be Found!

Lost and Found items are currently on display in front of the School Office. Please stop by and claim your child’s coat, jacket, sweatshirt, sweater, water bottle, lunch box, etc.  Items that have a name attached have been returned to the rightful owner. Unclaimed items will be donated either to the Uniform Exchange or to a local charity. Thanks for helping the items find their homes!

SMA News

Help is needed for the school’s Las Posadas lunch! On Thursday we will be serving a Mexican Fiesta to the students, and we need volunteers. The kitchen is asking for extra hands from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Please let us know if you can help out for thirty minutes during that time frame. Thanks!

Breanne: 520-222-5502
Haley: 520-990-4908

Notes from the Head

Among our teachers’ many talents, one that stands out is that of being master gardeners. Teachers have the amazing ability to get their hands dirty, planting seeds; nurturing young, tender plants; and giving them just the right amount of water, nourishment, encouragement, proper lighting, and a healthy dose of love. Just step on our campus for a visit, and you will see a beautiful botanical garden that is richly diverse and colorful, and of varying sizes and rates of growth and development. Some grow well on their own, displaying independence and self-motivation, while others need a bit more TLC and individual attention in order to reach their peak. Our teachers are able to cultivate some beautiful creations that grow to delight all who have the blessing to witness the beauty right before their eyes.

“What type of plants are being planted?” you might ask. Well, our teachers are master gardeners of children! With a great deal of faith, love, and hope, our teachers are planting seeds of new knowledge, nurturing those seeds, feeding them, and encouraging their growth on a daily basis. The children entrusted to our care come to us with a natural curiosity about their world. As their understanding grows, so does their desire for more seeds to be planted. Our teachers are also igniting the fire within our young charges, which serves as fertilizer for their growing minds and expanding spirits. At the end of each school year, we transplant our growing “plants” into a new fertile bed, perhaps a new courtyard, and introduce them to yet more opportunities to grow new shoots and blossom. By the time they reach the end of their time in our flourishing gardens, we send forth beautiful creations that have grown under the watchful eye, nurturing care, and strong encouragement of teachers and parents working together to bring out their best.

The seeds planted by our master teacher-gardeners grow deep roots and strong shoots and are ready to carry their beauty into the world beyond our adobe walls. They are strong in mind, body, and spirit, and they make their world a better place. Through faith, hope, patience and love, our master gardeners accomplish great things, and the seeds that they plant come together in young people who go on to change the world. What a blessing it is for those of us who are witnesses to the beauty of God’s creation right before our eyes in the classrooms of St. Michael’s. What a privilege to plant seeds every day and watch them grow!

Margaret Moore

Head of School