Lost Items Looking to be Found!

Lost and Found items are currently on display in front of the School Office. Please stop by and claim your child’s coat, jacket, sweatshirt, sweater, water bottle, lunch box, etc.  Items that have a name attached have been returned to the rightful owner. Unclaimed items will be donated either to the Uniform Exchange or to a local charity. Thanks for helping the items find their homes!

Parking Lot Safety and Etiquette

This is just a gentle reminder regarding parking lot safety as people come and go through the school parking lots. As you are entering the campus from Wilmot and Fifth Street, please do not stop along the curb for drop-off or pick-up until you have passed the sixth grade gate. Stopping prior to that gate creates a safety hazard and can prevent subsequent cars from being able to enter the parking lot. Recently, cars have had to stop in the intersection of Wilmot and Fifth because the entrance was blocked by cars parked along the curb. If you are walking your students to their classrooms, or you need to come to the School Office, please park your vehicle in the parking lot. No cars or trucks should be left unattended along the curb at any time.

In addition, please drive SLOWLY through the parking lot. Children and parents are crossing the parking lot as they walk into the courtyards, and children are not always looking both ways as they cross. Let’s be vigilant and watch for children as you come and go. We want to ensure that our children and parents arrive and depart school safely each day.

Let’s Beat the Heat Together!

Those in attendance at Curriculum Night this year were greeted with a hand fan that invited everyone to help us beat the heat in the Student Center. For those who were not in attendance, here’s the message behind the fans: We are in the final push for our capital campaign, “Setting Our Course for the Future.” As a community, we have accomplished so much through this campaign, including the addition of Tankersley Hall, a new lower school Science and Language Classroom, renovated administrative offices and reception area, and an amazing launch to our STEM Initiative. What remains is the funding for air conditioning for our Student Center, the activity hub of our campus. Our Student Center is a busy place, serving as the location for P.E. classes, sports practices and games, weekly chapel services, fine arts productions, parent gatherings, school functions, and occasional use by the church. As we welcome visitors to various events, we cross our fingers that the weather will cooperate and that the temperatures in the facility will stay at a relatively comfortable level. At this time of the year, as well as at the end of the year, conditions in the gym are just plan HOT. So what will it take to make air conditioning a reality? If we are able to raise at least $125,000, we can make this happen.

We are so grateful for those families who have already participated in the Capital Campaign, making the new physical and curriculum improvements possible. The opportunity remains, however, for everyone to be a part of making “phase 2” possible. Your participation, at the level right for your family, will help us to achieve our goal. Your donation, earmarked for the Capital Campaign, will make a difference. As the fan says, let’s beat the heat together!

Reserved Parking Spaces on Campus

This year, a new Admissions parking space was added directly in front of our School Office to reserve a space during the school day for prospective families visiting the campus for tours or testing. The parking space directly to the right of this is a reserved space for the family or families who won that Auction reserved space at the annual Gala Auction in the spring. As you are coming and going on campus, particularly for arrival and dismissal or for special school events, we would ask that you honor the auction winner space.  In addition, there are marked handicap spaces near the third grade gate and two new handicap spaces near the Church Office entrance on the west side of the building. Thank you for maintaining those spaces for individuals with appropriate handicap tags.

The BUZZ around Campus

With the monsoon season came a pesky visitor to Tucson. Mosquito season is in full swing, and we are taking aim on campus. Last spring and again in late summer, our evaporative coolers were treated for mosquitoes. In addition, our fountains have been thoroughly cleaned and will also contain repellants. We are taking care to avoid having any standing water around campus that could harbor mosquito eggs. Although our teachers and school nurse can not apply bug repellant on our students, we would suggest that if your child is sensitive to bug bites, or you are concerned about mosquito bites, you use bug spray or repellant before he or she comes to school. For those who do not want to use these products, a non-chemical application such as Avon Skin-So-Soft has proven to be a good alternative. As the cooler weather arrives, particularly with lower night-time temperatures, the mosquitoes will leave our area. In the meantime, we are doing what we can to make our campus less attractive to these annoying visitors.

You Can Help Spread the Word on Facebook

Word of mouth continues to be our best marketing tool by a landslide because our parents are wonderful ambassadors for the school. Your positivity has a large impact on admissions and marketing. In addition to all the situations in which you find yourself sharing the good news of St. Michael’s, here are three ways you can reach out to your friends and the public on Facebook:

1. Share the occasional St. Michael’s Facebook post on your own timeline – Even just liking our posts will show up on some of your friends’ news feeds, but sharing them will reach a larger audience. Don’t overdo it though. Even just a monthly share can go a long way.

2. “RSVP” to our Facebook events such as the Musical and the Gala by saying that you are Going – Our events traditionally have very large attendance, but currently you wouldn’t know it by looking at the Facebook event! We don’t actually use this information as a formal RSVP, but once again, your Facebook friends will see that you are attending, and anyone visiting our Facebook page will see a better representation of our events’ popularity.

3. Write a review on Facebook

Thank you for continuing to spread the word!


Admissions for 2016-2017

St. Michael’s is currently accepting applications for the 2016-2017 school year.  Kindergarten screenings will start on February 6, 2016.  If you have a child starting Kindergarten in 2016, please come by for a campus tour and application materials.   Please contact me anytime for further information at ppierce@stmichael.net or 520-722-8478 ext. 259.  If you haven’t been on our website lately, please take a look at stmichael.net to see all the great things happening at St. Michael’s.  We are also on Facebook, so you can check us out there as well at https://www.facebook.com/StMichaelsTucson/.

Paul Pierce
Director of Admissions

A Reminder about Gates

Throughout the school day, the gates around campus remain closed and locked in order to ensure that our campus is a safe and secure place for our students, faculty, and staff. Although the front campus gates are open at arrival and dismissal time, the gates on our back campus facing the park will remain closed at all times as they are unmonitored gates. Should you need to come on campus using the back gates for entry, please use the school code to open the gates. When visiting the campus during the school day, please sign in at the School Office. Thank you for helping us keep our campus safe and secure!

Sneakers Looking for a Home!

Is your child missing a pair of running shoes? How about a jacket, sweater, P.E. uniform, or sweatshirt? The Lost and Found from Lower and Middle School is currently displayed near the Foundations Courtyard. Friday is the last day to claim these misplaced items. After Friday, uniform items will go to the Uniform Exchange, and non-uniform items will be donated. Please stop by on your way to the Book Fair and claim your student’s items. Thank you to all who choose to LABEL clothing. Labeled clothes are returned to students in their classrooms.

Happy Birthday, Darlin’!

Tomorrow is the big day for our wonderful school dog, Darlin’.  She will be ten years old!  If you see her on campus, be sure to give her a pat and tell her happy birthday.