Kindergarten Admissions for Siblings

Kindergarten applications for 2017-2018 have already started coming in so if your child has a little brother or sister that will be joining St. Michael’s next year, it is time to drop off an application.  The application can be found online at, or we can provide a copy for you in the Admissions Office.  We are anticipating a full Kindergarten class next year so please don’t hesitate to reserve your spot.  Thanks!
Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday,
Paul Pierce
Director of Admissions

Get Your Tax Credits!

On Wednesday, November 16, at 8:00 a.m. and again at 5:00 p.m., Mr. Tim Kuhn of the Arizona Tuition Connection will be in the Smith Parish Center to explain to parents how to obtain tax credits for their children attending St. Michael’s.  Previous parent participants have been very excited about the information received and how much it has helped them afford St. Michael’s tuition.
Please come and attend either meeting!

Parent Survey

Last week, we were pleased to have Mr. Jack Foley of Ovus Ater in Boston on campus as he begins assisting us in developing a new Admissions and Enrollment Plan for St. Michael’s. As part of Mr. Foley’s work with St. Michael’s, we are inviting your participation in a short survey that will provide important feedback as our plan is designed. The survey will take approximately ten minutes to complete. As no names are attached to the survey, we welcome your candid response. The results will be compiled by Ovus Ater and given as a report to the school. To participate, click on the survey link below. The survey will remain open until Friday, November 4. Your participation is appreciated.

News Flash: Lost Seeking Found Friday!

Has your student recently lost something? Could it be a water bottle, a lunch box, a sweater, or a P.E. uniform? Maybe it’s a pencil case, a pair of shoes, or a special hat. Come have a cup of coffee this Friday, October 7, to complement your delicious Bake Sale item, and then take a peek through the Lost-and-Found display for those missing items. Some really great clothing and personal items are eager to find their way back home. And please remember: all labeled items are returned to students before they are displayed on the Lost-and-Found table, so label, label, label everything. It’s a guaranteed return on your investment!

Middle School Moments

One of the features of our Middle School schedule is the two periods a week during which the children get to pick an elective activity.  They choose from a variety of classes or clubs that are offered by one of our teachers.  The activities/electives last for the entire trimester and are varied in nature.  This year we seem to have unusually exciting and wide-ranging offerings.  The accompanying poster shows what we were doing last Friday, September 16.

Salpointe Open House

All families are invited to Salpointe’s Open House on October 9th from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.  All students and their parents are invited to attend sessions presented by the school’s faculty, meet current students, enjoy their musical and choral groups, and learn about their college-counseling program, honors and advanced placement courses, cross-disciplinary programs in Humanities and STEM, athletics and other extra-curricular activities, and more.


The BUZZ around Campus

With the monsoon season came a pesky visitor to Tucson. Mosquito season is in full swing, and we are taking aim on campus. Last spring and again in late summer, our evaporative coolers were treated for mosquitoes. In addition, our fountains have been thoroughly cleaned and will also contain repellants. We are taking care to avoid having any standing water around campus that could harbor mosquito eggs. Although our teachers and school nurse can not apply bug repellant on our students, we would suggest that if your child is sensitive to bug bites, or you are concerned about mosquito bites, you use bug spray or repellant before he or she comes to school. For those who do not want to use these products, a non-chemical application such as Avon Skin-So-Soft has proven to be a good alternative. As the cooler weather arrives, particularly with lower night-time temperatures, the mosquitoes will leave our area. In the meantime, we are doing what we can to make our campus less attractive to these annoying visitors.

Parking at Howard Bell Wright Park

We have been contacted by the Tucson Police Department that several of our parents are parking in the Handicap spaces on the east side of Harold Bell Wright Park in the morning before school and in the evening during pick-up.  Please note that they will be patrolling this area, and if you are parked without an appropriate Disability Parking Plate (or Placard), they will issue a ticket.  Please contact Dick Newcomer if you have any questions about legal parking.

Lower School Fine Arts Night

Dear Parents,

“Ladies and gentleman!  The circus is coming’ to town!”  Our Lower School will be presenting “Circus Circus” on Friday evening, April 22, in the Student Center.  Our performance will begin at 7:00 p.m.  Please deliver your child to his or her classroom at 6:30 p.m.  Classroom teachers will be there to greet them.  Hip Hop dancers will go to Karise Allen’s 2A classroom.

On Thursday, April 21, each student will bring a costume bag home.  Please have your child wear his or her costume to school on Friday evening for the performance.


Khaki shorts for the boys, khaki skirts, skorts, or shorts for the girls, and the shirt with attached tie in the costume bag. (This is to be worn to school on Friday, the evening of the performance.)

First Grade

Khaki shorts for the boys, khaki skirts, skorts, or shorts for the girls, and the shirt with attached tie in the costume bag.  (This is to be worn to school on Friday, the evening of the performance.)

Second Grade

Both boys and girls should wear khaki bottoms, shorts for the boys and skirts, sports or shorts for the girls.  They will wear the colored shirt with attached tie in the costume bag.  The girls will also wear the head band bow found in the bag.  They will be clowns, and I have told them they can curl or spike their hair, and if you wish to spray crazy colors on it as they do on Crazy Hair Day–this will be fine.  (This is to be worn to school on Friday, the evening of the performance.) 

Third Grade

Each student will bring home a costume bag on Thursday containing one’s costume.  (This is to be worn to school on Friday, the evening of the performance.)

Hip Hop

Dancers are to wear black shirts with black, long leggings or yoga pants and sneakers.  Hip Hop boys will wear black, long athletic pants and a black shirt and sneakers.

The Hip Hop dancers will wear their costumes to school on Friday evening, and if they have other costumes to change into for Circus Circus, we will take care of this after they have done their Hip Hop dance.

As you enter the Circus tent you will see our Circus Flower Stand, where you can pick up your pre-ordered flowers or purchase a flower if you did not pre-order them.

We are very excited about our Lower School Fine Arts Night and look forward to a wonderful evening of entertainment, merriment, and fun!


Barb Faltico and Karise Allen