Thursday is a RED OUT!

In support of our hometown Arizona Wildcats playing in the Sweet 16, this Thursday will be a RED OUT at St. Michael’s. Students are encouraged to wear either a RED University of Arizona shirt or their RED uniform shirt with khaki or navy bottoms. Eighth graders should wear their RED St. Michael’s shirt for their field trip to see “Twelfth Night” at the University of Arizona and may change later into a U of A shirt.

Eagle’s Quill

Winners of Eagle’s Quill‘s “World on a Platter” contest were announced in Monday Chapel this week.  The winning writers were Will Ruiz (second grade), Finnegan Hawes (third grade), Malina Willard (fourth grade), and Alexis Bissell (eighth grade).  The winning artists were Riley Egan (fifth grade), Lily Casto (sixth grade), and Willa Kleiner (eighth grade).
The final contest is Miscellaneous, so anything goes!  The deadline for this contest and for ALL submissions (other than the front cover) is Friday, April 7.  The staff will announce the cover theme in the coming days, and the deadline for cover submissions is Wednesday, May 3.

Declamation Day

For more than five decades St. Michael’s has carried forth the tradition of Declamation Day.  The event, which involves students in grades 4-8, requires the memorization and recitation of published poetry and culminates in a competition among the top seventh and eighth graders, as well as separate events for the younger grades.  The tradition at St. Michael’s was started in the early 1960s by Father Davis, who was educated in the British public schools and then served as a curate under Father Fowler, our school’s founder.  Beyond simply memorizing text, Declamation Day participants must evoke the meaning, mood, and emotion of their chosen poems through careful control of their voice.  As students are reminded, this is not a dramatic event with props and abundant “arm flapping”!

This year’s final event will be held Friday, March 31, in the Student Center, from about 8:05 to 9:30 a.m.  A total of 20 or so seventh and eighth grade students will perform their poems from memory in front of a panel of judges.  While the judges deliberate, a small number of fourth, fifth, and sixth graders will perform their poems for the audience (but not as part of the competition).  Prizes will then be awarded, and the top three declaimers will repeat their recitations at the Upper School Fine Arts Night in May.  Anyone in our community is welcome to attend!

Flowers for K-3 Fine Arts Night

Order forms for the K-3 Fine Arts Night flowers are going home in today’s Eagle Express and are due in the School Office by Wednesday, April 5.  Pre-ordered flowers will be available for pick-up at the Flower Stand from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. on the night of the performance.  A limited number of bouquets will be available for purchase the night of the show, so order early to guarantee yours!  Additional forms are also available online via the school blog and in the School Office.

Questions?  Contact Holly Hancock von Guilleaume at or Heather Walsh at

K-3 2017 Fine Arts Order Form

Eagle’s Quill

The staff of Eagle’s Quill recognized the winners of the “2016 Rewind” contest in Monday Chapel.  They were Gianna Lagat (second grade) and Lily Casto (sixth grade), who both won for their writing.  The current contest, “The World on a Platter,” ends next Tuesday, March 7.  Submissions related to travel, geography, language, international cuisine, regional cultures and habitats, or anything else remotely international or global will fit the bill.
The final deadline for all entries, other than cover art submissions, is April 7.  Please keep quilling!

Eagle’s Quill

The year is flying by, and less than two months remain until the final deadline for submissions to the 2017 edition of Eagle’s Quill.  We encourage all students to contribute writing and/or art so that we can publish a magazine that reflects a diverse array of subjects representing all ages at St. Michael’s.
The current contest, “The World on a Platter,” ends Tuesday, March 7.  We are looking for fantastic, creative entries covering any aspect of global topics: stories about climbing Mount Everest, haiku about sushi, sketches of the Egyptian pyramids, reflections on being a kangaroo, odes written in Spanish, limericks written in Gaelic, etc.
The deadline for all entries (with the exception of cover art, which will be promoted later) is Friday, April 7.  The final contest will have a miscellaneous theme…anything goes!  So dust off that hidden gem from earlier in the year and please send it our way.

Notes from the Head

On Thursday evening, our campus will be a happening place! Not only will we be welcoming visiting families as they tour our school, but we will be having a “STEMazing” opportunity to see Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math at work. Our STEM Festival will feature our students and the research they have done in proving, or disproving, scientific hypotheses. We will have student reports on famous inventors and young researchers from our Lower School demonstrating our amazing sense of smell and the integration with taste buds. Science and language arts will be intertwined as middle school students share original science-fiction stories.  In addition, we have invited the Tucson community to join us. We’ll have experts in optics, laser games, physics challenges, and brain games for all ages. Scientists will be roaming around, eager to share what they do and how their careers evolved. This is all part of our expanding STEM initiative from K-8, which is broadening our understanding of the connections throughout various areas of study, including how Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, as well as Art, Music, and Religion are linked together and complement one another.

Our growing STEM program at St. Michael’s is a result of our capital campaign and our commitment to bringing a greater presence of STEM education into our curriculum and school program. Funds raised through our capital campaign, Charting Our Course for the Future, are helping to support these efforts. Our STEM Festival is just one example of this initiative. Other examples include our growing robotics elective and presence at area competitions; our increasing presence at local and regional math competitions; and our expanding relationships with the University of Arizona STEM programs as well as with the scientific community at Raytheon. Across the board, our faculty is taking part in local and state professional development opportunities that provide tools for integrating STEM elements into classroom activities and into a variety of subjects from Kindergarten through middle school.

It’s an exciting time on the St. Michael’s campus and, as we look to next year, our students can expect to see even more opportunities to explore their world and expand their understanding of the relevance and connections between what is being studied and learned. I am grateful to the members of our faculty as they embrace this initiative and engage our young learners. It’s a team effort as we prepare our students to think critically and dream big! At St. Michael’s, there’s a balance between answering questions and questioning answers; a balance between discovering yourself and discovering your world.

Margaret Moore

Head of School

St. Michael’s Math-A-Thon a Success!  

The first St. Michael’s Math-A-Thon raised more than $14,000 to purchase new Smartboard projectors for the classrooms.  This was truly a team effort.   It started off with Jennifer Gould’s math rap, performed by all the math teachers, followed by Angela Greynolds’ cool video “illuminating” the need for new projectors.  All the teachers and staff helped so much in promoting the Math-A-Thon to the student body, resulting in a greater than 60 percent participation rate for the school.   The families and students really made an effort by getting lots of pledges. Volunteers were essential in giving and grading the tests and preparing pledge packets.  Thanks to all of you for supporting the Math-A-Thon!

Students who turned in a pledge regardless of amount will be awarded free dress and an Eegee’s after school this Friday, February 10th. The Eegee’s will be served in front of the school from 3:10 to 3:45 p.m.  A list of eligible students will be sent home in the Eagle Express this Wednesday.

The following winners were announced and prizes awarded Monday morning, February 6, at our All-School Chapel:

Lower School Prize Winners: Students with most pledges
1st – Elizabeth Turner, with eleven pledges, received a $20 Book Fair certificate
2nd – Asa Dahdal, with ten pledges, received a $15 Book Fair certificate
3rd – Christian Chastain, Hudson Healy, Ella Healy, and Luke Peterson, with seven pledges each, received $10 Book Fair certificates

Lower School Prize Winners: Students with most money raised
1st – Lily Myers, with $650 raised, received a $20 Book Fair certificate
2nd – Christian Chastain, with $600 raised, received a $15 Book Fair certificate
3rd – Johnny Abramian, with $400 raised, received a $10 Book Fair certificate

Lower School Classroom Prize Winner

Having both the highest participation (88 percent) and most pledge money raised ($1,540), Ms. Allen’s Class will receive a class party and a $25 Book Fair certificate. Congratulations, Ms. Allen’s Homeroom!

Middle School Prize Winner:  Students with most pledges
1st –  Maya Rose, with seven total pledges, received a $20 Starbucks gift card
2nd – Olivia Cho and Laura Merrin, with five pledges each, received $15 Starbucks gift cards
3rd – Mimi Breault-Evans, Alexander Lewandroski, and Nathan Monroe, with four pledges each, received $10 Starbucks gift cards

Middle School Prize Winner:  Students with most money raised
Aidan Huber ($400): $20 Starbucks gift card
Nathan Munroe ($200): $15 Starbucks gift card
Laura Merrin ($160): $10 Starbucks gift card

Middle School Classroom Prize Winners
Most participation: Mr. Hawes’s Homeroom, with 100 percent participation, will receive a class party. Congratulations, Mr. Hawes’s Homeroom!

Most pledge money raised: Mr. Smith’s Homeroom, having raised $709, will receive a class party.  Congratulations, Mr. Smith’s Homeroom!



Math-A-Thon pledges were due Wednesday to be eligible for prizes, Eegee’s, and free dress passes.   Prize winners will be announced at Monday Chapel. Pledges turned in after February 1st will not be eligible for a prize but will still help us to purchase new classroom projectors!

Pledges turned in to the office by Friday, February 3rd will be eligible for free dress and after school Eegee’s on Friday, February 10th.

Casino Night

Join us at Coffee Corner this Friday for your chance to win!  Save $30 when you purchase two tickets to our fundraising event or $15 for a single ticket!  You will also have a chance to spin our wheel for either $25 in gaming chips OR a Specialty Drink as our thank-you!

See you this Friday or go online to to purchase your special early-bird-priced tickets!