The Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair (SARSEF) was held  April 12th at the Tucson Convention Center. Almost 2,000 project boards were displayed and judged by a team of volunteer scientists and engineers.

Students could receive recognition from a sponsoring group, a Grand Award, or, in some cases, both. Grand Awards represent the top three projects in that category and grade level in the Southern Arizona Region.

We are pleased to recognize the following students in the fourth, sixth, and eighth grades who were awarded special recognition.

Fourth Grade
Owen Brosanders:  Can Your Car Kill a Snail?            
Youth in Science

Oliver Lewis:  Light and Plant Growth                                                 
Grand Award: 2nd Place

Sixth Grade
Riley Egan and Lily Hays:  Have You Heard?
Grand Award: 2nd Place
ASQ Tucson Section Individual Merit Award

Simon In-Albon:  Trust in the Crust
Grand Award: 3rd Place

Robert Smith:  Counting Cacti
Grand Award: 2nd Place
Excellence in Desert Botany Research Award
Sonoran Desert Discovery
Tucson Cactus and Succulent Society

Eighth Grade
Fiona Fischer:  Caffeine Extraction of Coffees From Around the World
Grand Award: 2nd Place

Carmen Roe:  Butterfly Feeders – See Things in a Different Light
Grand Award: 1st Place
Peter Parker Award for Excellence in Insect Science

Talia Zuckerman-Brown:  Multilingual Minds
Grand Award: 3rd Place

Science Fair Winners

Fourth Grade Science Fair Winners
1st Place Monet Zuniga “How Clean?”
2nd Place Owen Brosanders “Can your Car Kill Your Snail?”
3rd Place Claire Zeiller “What Makes a Tile Tidy?”
Hon. Mention Chase Puntenney “Fire and Floods”
Hon. Mention Kamila Peña “Cells in Strawberries”
Hon. Mention Tennyson Ochoa “Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid, Or Put it in Your Hair”
Hon. Mention Adriana Blair “Still Going”
Hon. Mention Katherine Tirrito “Will Strawberries Mold?”
Hon. Mention Oliver Lewis “Light and Plant Growth”
Hon. Mention Lila Poore “Which Cat Litter Clumps Best?”
Sixth Grade Science Fair Winners
1st Place Bobby Smith “Do Different Factors Affect Saguaro Growth?
2nd Place Scarlett Street “Turn Down for What?”
3rd Place Riley Egan & Lily Hays “Have You Heard?”
Hon. Mention Olivia Gastrock “A Propeller’s Angle-of-Attack Affects Thrust”
Hon. Mention Simon In-Albon “Trust in the Crust!”
Eighth Grade Science Fair Winners
1st Place Talia Zuckerman-Brown “Multilingual Minds”
2nd Place Chloe Pesqueira “Soiled Soles”
3rd Place Carmen Roe “Butterfly Feeders: See Things in a Different Light”
Hon. Mention Fiona Fischer “Caffeine Extraction of Coffees from Around the World”
Hon. Mention Varga Michaud “Hair Meets Heat”

Math-a-thon 2018 Results

We raised $15,118 for our technology program!  Thank you to everyone who donated.

Students will have free dress on March 9th.  Also, free Eegee’s will be served after school to all students on March 9th.  Come find us in front of the School Office.

Ms. Hart, Ms. Hayward, and Mrs. Breault will all have a complimentary hair coloring done by the first-place winners on Monday, March 5, at All-School Chapel!

Individual winners were as follows:

Middle School

Third Place ($10 Starbucks gift card) raising $126: Blake Eklund, 8th Grade
Second Place ($15 Starbucks gift card) raising $145: Isabel Rebert, 6th Grade
First Place ($20 Starbucks gift card), tie, each raising $200:
Audrey Juneman, 6th Grade
Olivia Cho, 7th Grade
Nathan Monroe, 8th Grade

Fourth and Fifth Grade
Third Place ($10 Book Fair gift certificate) raising $320: Piper Kukla, 4A
Second Place ($15 Book Fair gift certificate) raising $400: Sofia Thorn, 5A
First Place ($20 Book Fair gift certificate) raising $555.55: Lance Kaye, 5B

Kindergarten – Third Grade
Third Place ($10 Book Fair gift certificate) raising $600: Lily Myers, 3A
Second Place ($15 Book Fair gift certificate) raising $810: Christian Chastain, 2A
First Place ($20 Book Fair gift certificate) raising $1,050.00: Kenzie Byers, KB

Class prizes (a treat party):
Dr. Antista’s Homeroom, raising $501.50
Ms. Hayward’s Class, raising $1,247.55
Ms. Hart’s Class, raising $1,910.00

The Lion King

Thank you, everyone.  The Lion King was a “roaring” success.  It’s all about the kids.  We say that over and over again, but this time it really was all about them because so many came out to help put the show together.  However, so as to not let anyone feel unappreciated, here’s a list of all who helped.  Thank you again.

Costume Design: Barbara Faltico, Ling Poliandro
Make-Up Design: Pam Haskell
Make-Up Helpers: Amy Haskell, Lourdes Harris, Trish Harris, Brigitte Townsdin
Lighting Design: John Pendolino
Sound Design: Rachel Antista
Set Design: Tracey Antista
Assistant Scenery: Adam Harris
Assistant Painting: Mary Kilgore
Construction: Sean Pollard
Builders and Painters: Mark Wilson, Melanie Wilson, Katie Moseley, Nico Rivera, Derek Favre, Kelly Favre, Kallista Favre, Alexis Myers, Denise Blair, Sarah Nordstrom, Shanti Martinez, Amy Haskell, Melanie Badillo, Denisse Mazza, Mathew Mazza, Beth Egan, Dan Egan, Sarah Nordstrom, Julie Pendolino, Stephen Whetherhult, Hyewon Shin, Sharon Hom
Set Movers: Charlie Peterson, Marina Lopez, Sean Pollard, Katie Pollard
Spotlights: Luc Leyton, Sully Bushell
Box Office: Dina Corrado, Melanie Badillo, Kanchana Narendran, Marisa Menchola, Julie Pendolino, Stephen Whetherhult, Denise Blair, Hyewon Shin
Backstage Helpers: Beth Egan, Denise Blair
Dinner for Cast: Kanchana Narendran, Alexis Myers, Hyewon Shin, Marisa Menchola, Shanti Martinez, Sarah Nordstrom, Lourdes Harris,
Denise Blair
Program Design: Lonnie Reese
Graphic Design: Jennifer Smith
Website: Kristin Greenwood
Concessions Sponsor: Kristen Bennett (Realty Executives Tucson Elite)
Concessions Volunteers: Audrey Newton, Catherine Bennett, Chloe Pesqueira, Clare Daubert, Shanti Martinez, Suzie & Camryn Huerta, Serena Hsu, Abby Nordstrom, Marisa Menchola


Congratulations to Our Band Director!

St. Michael’s extends a hearty congratulations to Mr. Dennis Senkbeil, winner of the 2018 Music Advisory Board Distinguished Master’s Candidate Award at the University of Arizona’s Fred Fox School of Music. Three cheers for Mr. Senkbeil, who will receive his Master of Music degree in music education in May. We are thrilled that he is part of the St. Michael’s faculty this year!

In Our Community

Maci Bernier (eighth grade) was selected for the Olympic Development Soccer Team.  Maci was the only girl selected from the Tucson area for the first team.  Her squad, representing Arizona, played other western states in a tournament last week.  The Arizona team finished in the semi-finals.  Congratulations, Maci!

Uniform Exchange Recap

We had another successful Uniform Sale and Exchange this past Saturday, when hundreds of items found new homes.  Thank you to all who attended, and especially to our wonderful volunteers: Barbi Reuter, Christy Collins, Klara Valent, Ava Neher, Sue Aaby, Shanti Martinez, Jennifer LaHue-Smith, and Cathryn Rose. We couldn’t have done it without you!

-Kristin Greenwood & Bridget Peyton 

SMA News

A big THANK YOU to Anna Martinez-Ross and Dave Ross of Martinez-Ross Marketing for sponsoring the December Coffee Corner. It was a great turn-out!

In Our Community

Last week, nearly four dozen high school seniors in the Tucson area were named 2018 National Merit Scholarship semifinalists. These students now have the opportunity to compete for 7,500 National Merit Scholarships, worth more than $32 million, that will be offered in the spring of 2018. Among the students recognized is Peyton Lewis, a senior at Salpointe, who graduated from St. Michael’s in 2014. Peyton was awarded the Outstanding Student Award from SMA, recognizing the highest grade point average for the graduating eighth grader. We are so proud of our alumni and their achievements in high school and beyond.