Notes from the Head

As we begin our last trimester and work to complete the enrollment process for the coming school year, I often take this opportunity to have my own self-reflection on the question, “Why St. Michael’s?” It is a valid question, regardless of being an administrator, a teacher, a parent, or a student.
Five years ago, I stepped onto the campus of St. Michael’s School for the first time. I did so initially with a bit of skepticism. Why in the world would I want to leave Virginia to head so far away to the desert Southwest? What could possibly convince us to stay? It didn’t take long to have my initial answer, and to see the list of convincing reasons grow. St. Michael’s, first and foremost, is a fantastic educational institution. We educate children well. When I speak with our graduates, I am sometimes speechless at their poise, articulation, passion, vision, and devotion to St. Michael’s. They credit our school for preparing them well, and it is this school that laid the foundation for their high school success. On another level, beyond this academic foundation, is the profound effect St. Michael’s has on the nourishment of a sound moral compass in our students. In partnership with parents, our students leave us with a deep sense of integrity; a knowledge of right and wrong; a desire to display kindness and compassion, perseverance and tenacity; and a growing resilience to keep trying, even when goals are not initially achieved. Our students learn that they are surrounded by adults and friends who are there to support them and cheer them on, even when the going seems a bit tough.
What I saw five years ago still holds true. This is a community of people, young and old, who sense the magic of this campus and know that being a member of this community is a transformational experience. And what makes this possible? Why, it’s the community and the people within it. It’s the parents, the teachers, the administrators, and, most importantly, the students who make the biggest difference. That, in and of itself, made St. Michael’s the place for me and a place that I wanted to be a part of. Although our campus is beautiful and our buildings represent the aesthetics of the desert Southwest, it is the people and the intrinsic values nurtured here that set this school apart. So, why St. Michael’s? I think the better question is, “Why not St. Michael’s?” Here we educate children in mind, body, and spirit. Here, it is about scholarship, leadership, and friendship. We don’t always take the easy road, but we do prepare our students for life, even when the road itself is not easy. This is why I came. This is why our alumni return. This is why I believe in the work we do. At the end of the day, it is always about the children.
Margaret Moore

Notice to Families Working with IBE

Each spring IBE provides scholarships to St. Michael’s families and also releases funds that have been held from donations to pay for tuition for the coming school year (2017-2018).
If you believe you have funds at IBE, you must register with them each year in order to have them released.  Their online registration is available at  If you would like to apply for a scholarship from IBE for the 2017-18 school year, the deadline is March 31st.
For further information you can contact IBE at 512-5438.

Condolences to the Connelly Family

Our sympathy and condolences go out to Brian, Gina, Kate, and Jack Connelly in the loss of their beloved mother and grandmother this past weekend.  Services for Kathleen Connelly will be held on Monday, February 20, at 12:00 noon at St. Pius Church, located at 1800 North Camino Pio Decimo.

Lost-and-Found on Display

Are you missing P.E. clothing, a jacket or sweater, shorts, shoes, water bottles, or lunch boxes? If so, you may want to take a spin through the items displayed in front of the school.  There are many uniform items as well. Items will be displayed through Friday and then donated either to the SMA Uniform Exchange or to a local charity.

Just a reminder: items that have owners’ names visible are returned to students. LABEL, LABEL, LABEL!

Re-Enrollment Contracts

The contracts were sent out on January 13th.  If you did not receive one, please contact the School Office.  The contracts are due back in the office by February 15th.  Exciting plans are underway for the 2017-18 school year, and we want your family to be a part of that.  We are also happy to welcome other families who would like to join our community.  Thank you for being a parent-ambassador for St. Michael’s School!

Tell a Story

The Eagle’s Quill “Once Upon a Time” contest ends next Tuesday, December 20.  Simply tell a story in words or images.  (The staff is very flexible about what kind of entries qualify for the contest theme.)  Even with the weather turning, victorious students will no doubt enjoy a frozen-treat prize!