Quilters Needed!

The eighth grade project for the Art Expo is a beautiful quilt.  The squares are being made by the kids, but we are looking for some guidance on how to put it all together.  If you would be willing to help, please contact Susie Huerta at susiehuerta@aol.com.

We Need Your Help on the Playground!

As you know, our children enjoy playground time during the lunch hour.  We are in need of a few more parent-volunteers to assist our hired monitor, Jodi, in watching the kids play.  Playground volunteering is a lot of fun and a great way to interact with your kids and their friends.  If you are interested, please email Alisa Reed at alisareedesq@yahoo.com.

Math-a-thon Thank You

We had a very successful Math-a-thon this year.  Thank you to everyone who donated and supported our technology program.

Thank you to the teachers for administering the tests, and in some cases grading them too.  Special thanks to Ms. Hart, Ms. Hayward, and Mrs. Breault for allowing their hair to be colored!

Thank you also to Kristen Greenwood, Susie Huerta, Breanne Tirrito, Stephanie Lui, Julia Rebert, Shannon and Jen Thorn, Marsha VanDalen and Cathryn Rose.

Finally, thank you to the students for all their hard work and for raising so much money!

Dina and Joe Corrado, Math-a-thon Co-chairs

In Our Community

Riley Egan (sixth grade) and Chloe Pesqueira (eighth grade) have been honored by the Living River of Words contest — Riley for her art, and Chloe for her poetry.  The contest is coordinated by the Environmental Education division of the Pima County Department of Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation, and it celebrates natural watersheds and wetlands habitats. More than 800 submisions were received for  the contest. Riley and Chloe will be recognized at an awards ceremony on Saturday, April 7th. Congratulations, girls!

Is Guatemala in your summer?  Explore the St. Michael’s Guatemala Project

Guatemala Project Prospective Team & Delegation Meeting:

Sunday, March 18, 5:30 to 7 p.m.

First Christian Church, Parlor

740 E. Speedway

Enter:  Patio entrance doors on Speedway, closest to Euclid.  Parlor will then be to the left of the patio.

Parking:   Church parking lot is unrestricted on Sundays, except for special needs marked spaces.

Light refreshments.   All welcome.

Thanks to First Christian for making their lovely and welcoming parlor available. 

Reminder:  Protect everyone’s health.  First Christian Church is an alcohol, smoke and weapon free facility.

For further information: 623-3063, ilaa@mindspring.com


Eagle’s Quill

Prizes for the fifth Eagle’s Quill contest of the year (“Back to the Past”) were awarded in All-School Chapel on Monday.  The writers recognized were Adriana Blair (fourth grade), Jackson Tirrito (fifth grade), and Serena Hsu (eighth grade). The winning artists were Emilio Olmedo (second grade) and Linden Solgonick (eighth grade).

The final writing and art contest has a miscellaneous theme: Anything Goes! This is the last chance for students to submit their work this year. The deadline for this contest, and for all submissions except for cover submissions, is Wednesday, April 4.

Additionally, the staff of the magazine announced the theme of this year’s edition: “Lost in Life’s Library.” Cover art submissions tackling this theme are due by Wednesday, April 25.  The winning student not only has his or her artwork included on the front cover of this year’s issue but will also receive a gift card to the craft store Michael’s.  Vertical, colorful drawings, paintings, and photos are sought.

Let’s get writing and drawing!

Science Fair Winners

Fourth Grade Science Fair Winners
1st Place Monet Zuniga “How Clean?”
2nd Place Owen Brosanders “Can your Car Kill Your Snail?”
3rd Place Claire Zeiller “What Makes a Tile Tidy?”
Hon. Mention Chase Puntenney “Fire and Floods”
Hon. Mention Kamila Peña “Cells in Strawberries”
Hon. Mention Tennyson Ochoa “Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid, Or Put it in Your Hair”
Hon. Mention Adriana Blair “Still Going”
Hon. Mention Katherine Tirrito “Will Strawberries Mold?”
Hon. Mention Oliver Lewis “Light and Plant Growth”
Hon. Mention Lila Poore “Which Cat Litter Clumps Best?”
Sixth Grade Science Fair Winners
1st Place Bobby Smith “Do Different Factors Affect Saguaro Growth?
2nd Place Scarlett Street “Turn Down for What?”
3rd Place Riley Egan & Lily Hays “Have You Heard?”
Hon. Mention Olivia Gastrock “A Propeller’s Angle-of-Attack Affects Thrust”
Hon. Mention Simon In-Albon “Trust in the Crust!”
Eighth Grade Science Fair Winners
1st Place Talia Zuckerman-Brown “Multilingual Minds”
2nd Place Chloe Pesqueira “Soiled Soles”
3rd Place Carmen Roe “Butterfly Feeders: See Things in a Different Light”
Hon. Mention Fiona Fischer “Caffeine Extraction of Coffees from Around the World”
Hon. Mention Varga Michaud “Hair Meets Heat”

Missing Anything?

Now is the perfect time to check out the Lost and Found for anything your child is missing.  It will be up in the front of the office until Friday, and then will be donated.