Notes from the Head

Typically, when we talk about the value Stewardship, we focus on our responsibility to care for Mother Earth and her resources that we attempt to use wisely. The celebration of Earth Day later this month raises our understanding and appreciation for the environment and our natural resources that are necessary to sustain our planet. As we introduced this value in chapel this week, we considered not only the care of the earth resources but also the consideration of the care for each other. What better place to carry that out than at our school, where the major business and interest is around the people who make up our community and the children we serve. When we care for each other, we are caring for God’s creation. After all, God created us to be the chief stewards of the earth.

As only children can do, our students immediately embraced the care for one  another as an important responsibility. Our students do a terrific job of keeping our campus clean. We try to conserve water and recycle paper and plastics. St. Michael’s has received recognition for being a “green” school and the students take great pride in that. What we also cultivate, however,  is kindness and care for each other. Sometimes that’s not so easy. Sometimes we say or do things that cause hurt feelings or sadness.

So I asked the question, ” What do we do when our feelings are not feeling well?” The first answer came quickly from a young student. “I just sit with my friend and listen to how their feelings became hurt. Maybe I’ll give them a hug” Others added, “I ask them to come play.” “I try to make them laugh.” “I let them know that they are my friend and I care.” And that’s what friends do. Friends care. Friends listen. Friend sit with one another. Friends give a hug. We give the support that’s needed to help heal the feelings when a person’s feelings are not feeling well.

Caring for our earth and caring for each other are both forms of stewardship. One keeps our campus beautiful and the other builds community,  showing that each person matters. Each person, adult or child, has value. Together each person brings talent, treasures, and richness to the community we call St. Michael’s School. Together we are stewards of this corner of the world we call our school. And often, it’s the children who lead us. That’s just as it should be, don’t you think?

Margaret Moore

Head of School

Science Fair Awards

The Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair (SARSEF) was held March 29 and April 1 at the Tucson Convention Center. Almost 2,000 project boards were displayed and judged by a team of volunteer scientists and engineers.

Students could receive recognition from a sponsoring group, a Grand Award, or, in some cases, both. Grand Awards represent the top three projects in that category and grade level in the Southern Arizona Region.

We are pleased to recognize the following students in the fourth, sixth, and eighth grades who were awarded special recognition.

4th Grade
William Levine – “Want More Sugar”
SARSEF Grand Award: 3rd Place
Cellular and Microbiological Sciences

Jackie Peterson  – “Sharpie Take Down”
SARSEF Grand Award: 3rd Place
Chemical Sciences

Madeline Stagg – “Ruff Workout”
SARSEF Grand Award: 3rd Place
The Whitney Award for Best Animal Related Project
Behavioral and Social Sciences

6th Grade
Zoe Flagg  – “Drought-Resistant Soil”
SARSEF Grand Award: 3rd Place
Earth and Environmental Sciences

Boone Lewis  – “Worm Composting”
SARSEF Grand Award: 2nd Place
Animal and Plant Sciences

8th Grade
Nathan Chabin and Martin Gioannetti    – “Particles Matter”
SARSEF Grand Award: 3rd Place
Earth and Environmental Sciences

Katherine Hawes  – “Bad Vibrations”
SARSEF Grand Award: 2nd Place
The Bookmans Love Of Reading Award
Behavioral and Social Sciences

UA Science: Sky School works with students in grade 8-12 to develop and execute field-based research projects for the regional science fair, run by the Southern Arizona Research, Science, and Engineering Foundation (SARSEF). Each student is paired with a University of Arizona undergraduate student mentor and a UA graduate student science advisor to conduct an original field study, culminating in a final presentation at SARSEF. This is a valuable opportunity to gain experience in the scientific inquiry process, utilizing the unique environment of Sabino Canyon.  The following students received awards at SARSEF through this program:

Andrew Gioannetti and Willa Kleiner – “Biodiversity of Freshwater Macroinvertebrates in Sabino Creek”
SARSEF Grand Award: 1st Place
Biodiversity Award
Community Service Award
Phoenix Comicon Science Award
Sky Island Advocate
Young Water Scientist
Earth and Environmental Sciences

Congratulations to all our winners!

SMA News

Coffee Corner Friday

Stop by for a cup of coffee this Friday in front of the office.  Thank you to Dr. Jason Levine of Urgent Specialists for sponsoring this month’s event.  There is only one more Coffee Corner before summer break!

Teacher Appreciation

As the school year winds toward the end, we honor and treat our special St. Michael’s teachers and staff during Teacher Appreciation Week (May 1-5). This year, Amy Petrow ( and Haley Ochoa ( are co-chairing this event.  If you’d like to help out, please contact either of them to ensure you are on the Sign-up Genius list.  There are many quick and easy ways you can participate. Thank you for your support and for appreciating the faculty and staff at St. Michael’s!

Notes from the Head

As next week arrives, we will find our campus feeling a bit on the empty side. Our entire middle school departs over the weekend on long-anticipated class trips to Crow Canyon, Catalina Island, and Washington, D.C. Each of these trips complements our curriculum and will include lots of memories for our students. These are fabulous experiences and opportunities on many levels. On one level, lessons taught in the classroom will come to life through experiential learning. It’s one thing to read and study about cliff dwellers. Climbing to an actual cliff dwelling and seeing where and how early Native Americans lived is totally another thing. The study of marine biology takes on a new level of understanding when you are snorkeling or hiking in coastal areas of California. And the experience of worship in the National Cathedral, or meeting our Congressional representative, or sitting in the Supreme Court, brings a new understanding and appreciation for the freedoms we enjoy in our democratic society.

In addition to experiential learning, on another level, our students become closer with classmates and bond as a class through these shared experiences. They become more independent, self-confident, and mature as they step outside of the comfort zone of home and school. They lean on each other more and see classmates through different lenses as they share time together away from normal routines. On a smaller scale, our fifth graders are preparing for their step-up to middle school as they travel to Phoenix for a full day, visiting the state capital, sitting in the Senate chamber, experiencing the Arizona Science Center, and seeing our state capitol up close and personal following two years of studying Arizona history. And the highlight of that trip? Well, it’s the bus trip, of course!!

Certainly these experiences are an important part of the balanced education that St. Michael’s students enjoy. Class trips and field trips to places that support our classroom studies build deeper levels of understanding, not just of curriculum but of individuals as well. There is always a growing sense of accomplishment and with each experience comes a new level of growth and understanding of the world in which we live. That growth happens in mind, body, and spirit and forms the memories and friendships that last a lifetime through the times shared at St. Michael’s. It’s one of the many ways that the St. Michael’s experience makes a difference in this chapter in each child’s life. Bon voyage, young explorers! Oh, the places you will go.

Margaret Moore

Head of School

Fine Arts Night: Grades K-3

Dear Kindergarten through Third Grade Parents:

It’s baseball season, and Fine Arts Night will soon be here!  On Friday, April 7, at 7:00 p.m. the K-3 students will present their spring musical, “It’s a Hit,” in the Student Center.

Please deliver your child to his or her classroom by 6:30 p.m.  Then you may make your way to the Student Center to find a seat for a very exciting baseball game, or rather a musical about America’s beloved sport, baseball.

I would like each grade to wear the following:

KA/KB –  Your child will bring a bag with a colored shirt home on Thursday.  Kindergarteners should wear their shirt with khaki shorts, skirt, or skort to school on Friday evening, the night of the performance.  Tennis shoes are perfect to wear.

1A/1B – Your child will bring a bag with a colored shirt home on Thursday.  First graders should wear their shirt with khaki shorts, skirt, or skort to school on Friday evening, the night of the performance.  Tennis shoes are perfect to wear.

2A/2B – Your child should wear a short sleeve white button-down shirt (a white St. Michael’s logo shirt will be fine) and khaki shorts, skirt, or skort to school on Friday evening, the night of the performance.  Tennis shoes are perfect to wear.

3A/3B – Your child will bring a bag with a colored shirt home on Thursday.  Third graders should wear their shirt with khaki shorts, skirt, or skort to school on Friday evening, the night of the performance.  Tennis shoes are perfect to wear.

I would like the shirts returned to school by Monday or Tuesday morning.  They may keep the baseballs on their shirts as a keepsake of their performance.

We look forward to seeing you all on April 7.  Come ready to cheer for your favorite STARS!

Thank you,

Barb Faltico

Fine Arts Night Flowers (K-3)

Order forms for K-3 Fine Arts Night Flowers are due in the School Office on Wednesday, April 5.  Pre-ordered flowers will be available for pick-up at the Flower Stand from 6 p.m. – 7 p.m. on the night of the performance.  A limited number of bouquets will be available for purchase the night of the show. These will be available at a higher price, so order early to guarantee yours at the lower price!  Additional forms are also available online via the school blog and in the School Office.  Questions?  Contact Holly Hancock von Guilleaume at or Heather Walsh at

K-3 2017 Fine Arts Order Form