Notes from the Head

The response was overwhelming! Just as the summer came to an end and schools began to prepare to open, the hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico began to take form, producing three record-setting storms. Hurricane Harvey, the first of these, slammed into the southeastern coast of Texas, bringing devastating wind, rain, and floods. Houston and surrounding areas saw unprecedented flooding, which affected not only residences and businesses but churches and schools as well. The Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools stepped up to support affected schools in Texas. Many of those schools were paired with unaffected schools from Louisiana to Arizona. St. Michael’s partner school, Holy Spirit Episcopal School, has now become our sister school. Our community has risen to the call.

Since the beginning of September, St. Michael’s has been collecting gift cards and raising money to support Holy Spirit Episcopal School in Houston. This K-8 school is similar to St. Michael’s, and so it has been easy to imagine how we would feel if a similar natural disaster happened here. Seeing pictures of the devastation and hearing the stories of community support have touched us. We have offered prayers, words of encouragement, pictures of compassion, and now gifts that will help people to rebuild. This week we will send over $2,500 in gift cards to our sister school which will be distributed to families affected by Hurricane Harvey in their community. Our carwash alone raised more than $1,500 for the cause, drawing support from both the school and parish community. Our hearts have been filled with gratitude for the generosity and compassion shown by the St. Michael’s community. Truly, it will make a difference for many.

And that, my friends, is what compassion is about. Compassion is to suffer with, to share the burden, to feel what someone else feels, to reach out in kindness and with care for another person. Our students come to understand compassion on many levels. When a friend skins a knee, one knows how that feels and can reach out with care. If words sometimes hurt feelings, we know how that feels, and amends can be made. When disappointment and loss make us sad, others reach out because they have perhaps experienced that as well. Compassion results in people reaching out to people to make a difference. It comes from the heart. Compassion reaches across boundaries to make lives better. When we can respond from the heart, healing begins. The compassion shown by the St. Michael’s community to the Holy Spirit community has now established a bond that extends beyond the immediate need. Together we have come to understand the value of compassion. The gift cards are a tangible reminder of a more priceless gift that comes from our heart. Thank you, St. Michael’s! Yet again, our community is making our world a better place.

Margaret Moore

Head of School

Eagle’s Quill Contest

Eagle’s Quill‘s second contest of the year, “Phenomena! Natural Wonders and Natural Disasters,” runs until Wednesday, October 18th.  This gives students the upcoming week of fall break to work on their masterpieces.  As always, winners receive frozen treats!

Contact Mr. Hawes or Ms. Burnson, or any student member of the staff, with questions or to turn in submissions.

Coach’s Corner

Middle School Sports
Upcoming games:
10/4 – Flag Football –  SM @ Casas Christian
            Volleyball –        AoT @ SM
                                         Calvary @ SM (B Team only @ 6pm)
10/5 – Flag Football – SM @ Desert Christian
            Volleyball –      SM @ Pusch Ridge
**We are beginning our winter sports sign-ups. We will be offering Coed Soccer and Girls’ Softball for any interested middle school students. Sign-up sheets will be on the bulletin board outside of the Athletic Office. Practices will likely begin around the week of November 6th, and the season will run until the end of January.
Our intramural practices continue this week with flag football. The fall intramural program will run until October 26th.
Our winter season of intramurals will likely begin the week of November 6th. We will have four weeks of volleyball, followed by four weeks of basketball. The tentative schedule is:
Volleyball – 11/6 to 11/30
Basketball – 12/4 to 12/14, and 1/8 to 1/18

Family Day – U of A Museum of Art

Are you looking for a fantastic family activity?  The University of Arizona Museum of Art is having a family day on Saturday, October 21, from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Learn from working artists and scientists.  Explore art and science with hands-on activities.  There will be face painting, story time, live music, and more!  For more information:

SMA News

This Friday SMA will be hosting a Coffee Corner. Please come by and enjoy the cool morning weather with a cup of coffee. Thanks to Dyson Dermatology and Dyson Pediatrics for sponsoring!

Don’t forget your Box Tops! Last day of collection is October 20th.

Mark your calendars for Grandparents’ Day, October 20th. It’s a fun-filled morning for the kids and family members!

Our next SMA meeting is October 18th @ 8:05 in the Parish Center. All are welcomed to attend!

Notes from the Head

In a world that seems to grow more polarized every day with angry, hurtful words hurled through cyberspace at lightning speed, it is refreshing to take refuge among the community of St. Michael’s. Here we can talk about the virtue of Goodness, and our students actually try to make someone’s day better by random acts of kindness. A smile, a gentle word, an invitation to join in a game, encouragement to be a part of a circle of friends. Every day we see examples of people trying to do the right thing simply because, well, it’s the right thing to do.

In Monday Chapel this week, I shared three random acts of kindness in which people went out of their way to be kind. The first occurred when a student approached me following a school event, sadly sharing that he had lost $20 out of his pocket. Now, for most of our kiddos, that’s a large sum. I felt bad for him and told him I would keep an eye open for it as we cleaned up. In my mind, I was sure it was gone. “Oh, yea of little faith!” The following Monday, that $20 was turned in by a parent who had found it on the floor. Upon hearing that, we were immediately able to connect the owner with the lost bill.

The second random act came in the form of a call to the school. A man phoned to say that he had seen what appeared to be a binder in the middle of the road being repeatedly run over by cars. He stopped to retrieve the notebook, looked inside, and identified the owner as a student from St. Michael’s. He called the school and offered to return it. He noted that, yes, the homework was complete and appeared done correctly! Not only did he return the binder to the school; he also took the time to purchase a new one to replace the one badly damaged with “road rash.” A stranger who took the time to do the right thing made something good happen for someone else.

And, finally, following a class trip to our neighborhood library, one of the librarians found a sweater left by a student. Rather than put it in the library “lost and found,” she took the time to return it to St. Michael’s. With cooler temperatures on the way, she was concerned that the child just might be looking for that sweater and need it the next morning. Once again, someone took the time to do something good for someone else simply because it was the right thing to do.

These simple but meaningful acts of kindness and goodness went so far in bringing joy and happiness to other people. Perhaps if we keep our eyes open each day for opportunities to practice our own random acts of kindness and goodness, we will have more good news to tweet about, filling cyberspace with positive words of encouragement rather than words that separate us. It would certainly make my day a whole lot brighter. It’s a reminder that we have more that unites us than divides us. Relationships are built one kind word or act at a time, and so that’s where we begin.

Margaret Moore

Head of School

Coach’s Corner

Middle School Sports
Upcoming games:
9/27 – Flag Football-  Casas Christian @SM
          Volleyball – Pusch Ridge @SM
9/28 – Volleyball – Desert Christian @SM
10/2 – Volleyball – Leman Academy @ SM
10/3 – Flag Football – SM @ The Gregory School
10/4 – Flag Football – SM @ Casas Christian
          Volleyball – AoT @ SM
                            Calvary @SM
We are about halfway through our fall intramural season. Today (9/27) we begin the flag football portion of the fall season.

In Our Community

Last week, nearly four dozen high school seniors in the Tucson area were named 2018 National Merit Scholarship semifinalists. These students now have the opportunity to compete for 7,500 National Merit Scholarships, worth more than $32 million, that will be offered in the spring of 2018. Among the students recognized is Peyton Lewis, a senior at Salpointe, who graduated from St. Michael’s in 2014. Peyton was awarded the Outstanding Student Award from SMA, recognizing the highest grade point average for the graduating eighth grader. We are so proud of our alumni and their achievements in high school and beyond.

SMA News

Everyone, please do not forget to bring in your Box Tops! The last day of collection is October 20th.

Mark your calendars: the next Coffee Corner is Friday, October 6th.