Middle School iPads

All middle school iPads will be collected on Thursday, December 19th.  If you expect to be absent on Thursday or Friday, please make arrangements to turn it in to Mrs. Stout beforehand.  Over winter break, Mrs. Stout will be enrolling the middle school iPads in Apple OS X Server, our new mobile device management system.

As far as Apple IDs for middle school students go, there is still no word from Apple on how this is all going to work, but Apple IDs WILL be required at some point soon.  Here are instructions from Apple on how to set up an Apple ID without a credit card: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT253

Look for further information about Apple IDs in next week’s Eagle Express.


Apple IDs for Middle School Students

Beginning in mid-December, every middle school student must have their own Apple ID (or a parent’s) with which to register their school-issued iPad into our new mobile device management system.  They do not need it now though.  This switchover will happen over the winter break, and hopefully we’ll be up and running with new features in January.

We are particularly excited about the following new features offered by iOS7 and OS X Mavericks:

  • “Teachers can remotely lock or unlock iOS devices into a specific app, such as an assessment app, ensuring that all students are on the same activity at the same time” (Apple).
  • App updates and installation can be done wirelessly at any time instead of during monthly collection of iPads for syncing.
  • We’ve already been able to purchase apps in bulk at a 50% discount.  This will now extend to bulk purchases of iBooks too.

To read about all of the new features, visit Apple’s iOS 7 and Education page.

Students will still not be able to download apps that aren’t authorized by the school.

Apple has yet to release their required procedures for collecting “verifiable parental consent” for students under 13, but it will most likely come in the form of a permission slip (and hopefully soon!).  Here is Apple’s Parent Guide to Apple IDs for Students.

Questions?  Email me at astout@stmichael.net, and I will address all of these questions in a future post.  That post will also include the permission slip and instructions for getting the Apple ID.

Angela Stout, Technology Director