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Outside of word-of-mouth advertising, Facebook is the number one way to spread the good news of our school. Our student reporters and staff members post something about St. Michael’s just about every single day during the week. From special programs, information on our stellar teachers, and activities within our classrooms to special reminders of admissions and other school events, Facebook helps us to spread the word. We are almost at one thousand “likes.” If you are not on Facebook, would you please consider joining? If you have not “liked” our page, please do so today. Sharing the St. Michael’s page with your friends helps us to extend our web to a much wider community. Just hit “like” and “share”!

Our Social Media Interns Take Over Facebook!

If you haven’t visited our Facebook page lately, or you’re not a fan yet, now’s the time!  This year Ms. Greynolds is working with three middle school students to develop frequent posts about all aspects of St. Michael’s.  These students are responsible for investigating, writing, and photographing the details of each post.

Stay tuned to for more sneak peeks about life at St. Michael’s!

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Next week the 6th grade will be hiking and studying archaeology in Crow Canyon, CO, the 7th grade will be studying marine and environmental biology and snorkeling in Catalina Island, CA, and the 8th grade will be studying American history and government and seeing the sights in Washington D.C.  Follow all of the action on Facebook, whether you’re a Facebook member or not.  Visit  If you ARE on Facebook, and you haven’t liked our page yet, now’s a great time to do it!

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Free Money – Target

The Target Facebook Campaign is still going on. Have you voted yet? We have raised over $250 so far.  Remember one vote = $1, and you can vote once a week until Sept 21. You can link to it from our Facebook page. Thanks for your support.

Communication Tools Explained

Looking for the date of the Holiday Concert? Can’t find your teacher’s weekly newsletter? Where are grades posted? Here are our various communication tools and what you can find in each:

Eagle Express Blog:

  • Official calendar
  • Weekly notes from the head
  • Announcements
  • Student recognition
  • Upcoming events
  • Links to middle school sports calendar, Edline and school website


    • Middle school grades (updated about every two weeks)

  • K-5 weekly newsletters

School Website:

  • Parent/Student Handbook (under “About”)


  • Middle school student/teacher communication
  • Some teachers in grades 4-5 use it too.
  • The gradebook is NOT official nor complete.


  • Fun pictures and updates throughout the week