Chipotle Fundraiser

Please join us for dinner or takeout at the Chipotle on Grant & Tanque Verde this Wednesday, May 3, from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. There is so much to start celebrating with the end of the school year quickly approaching! Please mention St. Michael’s School when you check out. (If placing an order online, you must choose the pay-in-store option and inform the cashier of your participation before paying to ensure that your order is counted towards the fundraiser.) The proceeds support the Eighth Grade graduation fund. Hope to see you all there!

Chipotle Flyer

Spell-a-thon Results

This year’s Spell-a-thon was a huge success. We raised $15,805.50. Congratulations to all families who participated. The winning rooms were Mrs. Schultz’s 3rd grade and Señora Van Straalen’s 6th grade class. The top three prize winners from lower school include: Ryan Hays 3B, Lily Hays 3A (tie) Lance Kaye 2A, and Mackenzie Carroll 2B. In middle school the top grand prize winners include: Clarissa Norton 6th, Alexis Jane Bissell 6th, Katherine Hawes 6th, and Cierra Faircloth 6th. The top family winners were the Hays Family, the Von Guilleaume family, and the Levine family. A big thanks to everyone who participated!

Reminder: All middle school students who turned in a pledge will receive a free dress day (To be announced).

Box Tops Grand Prix Results

The St. Michael’s Box Tops Grand Prix has come to a close, and what an exciting contest we’ve had!  The leaderboard changed dramatically several times, and we are pleased to announce the results for the top five class rankings.  In 5th place, with a last-minute drive, is Eighth Grade (943 total).  In 4th place is Fifth Grade (1114); in 3rd place is Third Grade (1196), in 2nd place is Fourth Grade (1338).  In 1st place, with an impossible-to-overcome lead from last week, is Seventh Grade (1828).  We will let those classes know when their well-deserved frozen treat celebrations are scheduled.

This week’s individual prize student winners were Grace Clements (8th) and Shay Vinayak (1B).  Congratulations!  Thank you to all the students who participated.  The biggest winner of all is our school.  Your combined efforts yielded more than $800 in just three weeks!   Keep saving those box tops.  We will have another contest in the spring.

I would like to give additional, heartfelt thanks to our wonderful counting volunteers: Kristen Greenwood, Bridget and Michael Peyton, Sarah Nordstrom, Julia Rebert, Erika Pina- Loucks, Anna Martinez-Ross,  and our final marathon counters: Dina Corrado and Laura Lee Zeiller.  It’s not easy sorting and verifying tiny print for more than 8,000 box tops!  Lastly we would like to thank Claim Jumpers and Bookman’s for providing our gift certificates for student give-aways.

Middle School Fundraising Lunches

The Middle School Fundraising lunches  are off to a great start.  We have received $2,100 in donations so far.  These donations have completely sponsored the first ten days of lunches!  Thank you so much!   We have a sandwich board outside the lunch room saluting the family /organization that has sponsored the lunch for each day.  We have had a wonderful turnout in the kitchen as well.  Thank you for all your time & efforts in the kitchen.  Your efforts & donations are helping to fund the Middle School trips @ the end of the year.  Every little bit helps!  If you are still interested in donating your time or dollars to the Middle School Fundraising Lunches, please contact Mary Lou Martin @  THANK YOU!