SMA News

Thank you to Dyson Dermatology and Dyson Pediatrics for sponsoring our October Coffee Corner. It was a great turn-out!

This is the final week for Box Tops. Results will be announced on Monday, October 23rd.

Don’t forget about Grandparents’ Day this Friday! Coffee and check-in will begin at 7:30 a.m.

The holiday greens are coming!  Please look for the holiday greens envelope in your child’s Eagle Express this week.  The fundraiser will run through November 1, and the greens will be delivered the first week of December.  We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to kick-start your holiday season and support our school.  Please contact Amanda Kukla with any questions.

SMA News

This Friday SMA will be hosting a Coffee Corner. Please come by and enjoy the cool morning weather with a cup of coffee. Thanks to Dyson Dermatology and Dyson Pediatrics for sponsoring!

Don’t forget your Box Tops! Last day of collection is October 20th.

Mark your calendars for Grandparents’ Day, October 20th. It’s a fun-filled morning for the kids and family members!

Our next SMA meeting is October 18th @ 8:05 in the Parish Center. All are welcomed to attend!

SMA News

Thanks to all the families that made St. Mike’s Meet Yourself a successful event! We also want to give a great big thank-you to all the volunteers that made it happen:

Stephanie Liu, Annie O’Meara, Mandy Hart, Judi Breault, Jenn Gould, Matt Teller, Erika Pina-Loucks, Lonnie Reese, Penni Hayward, and Barbara Faltico

Vaqueros: Brian Connelly, Chris Wilds, Dave Ross

Honor students:
Audrey Newton, Catherine Bennett, Natalie Son, Logan Corrado, Kenny Strong, Hayden Corrado, Nico Rivera, Boone Lewis, Lilly Martinez-Ross, Nick Martinez-Ross, Nate Crutchfield

Our next event is Grandparents’ Day on October 20. Please contact Breanne and Haley if you would like to volunteer.

Notes from the Head

Last Friday, it was hard not to feel a deep sense of pride for St. Michael’s. As the Student Center filled with grandparents, we all were eager to show off our campus, share the number of activities that take place here, and spotlight our new facility improvements. The real focus, however, was on our students. They were front and center, as it should be. After all, our grandparents were on campus for one main reason…to see their grandchildren. From the start of the morning until the conclusion at mid-day, our students stole the show! They sang, they performed, they shared, and they displayed the many cool things that are happening at school. From our youngest primary students to our eighth grade “seniors,” we watched them tell about experiments, projects, and research conducted, as well as successes and failures that are all part of learning. Our students were engaged and excited to share what they were learning in their classrooms. They demonstrated how collaboration, creativity, communication, and creative thinking have engaged them in new ways.

There are times when our teachers are front and center in the classroom as they share new knowledge and direct the classes. More and more, however, students are working together on projects, problem-solving, and making presentations to classmates. This type of learning creates engagement in the classroom, making it meaningful to their lives. Their excitement becomes contagious, and they are thrilled to demonstrate what has transpired in the process. It was wonderful to see our students in the spotlight, taking ownership for what they are learning, while observing the proud faces of grandparents as they watched their shining stars. After all, on Grandparents’ Day, it’s all about the children and their growing confidence as 21st-Century learners and leaders.

Margaret Moore
Head of School

Notes from the Head

Admittedly, not too many years ago, I would sometimes watch and listen to my friends who were grandparents and shake my head a bit. They seemed to have become a bit over-the-top about their little darlings: sharing pictures, talking about the cutest little things their grandchildren did, and throwing any rational thought out the window when it came to birthday or Christmas shopping. Of course, I thought I would never be that person…until the day I became a grandparent. Now, I am one of those obsessive grandparents I formerly shook my head at. Yes, it’s what happens. When you meet that precious child of your own child, well, your heart takes over your head! And I’m enjoying every single moment of being a grandparent. Yes, I am often over-the-top.

On Friday, we will welcome our St. Michael’s grandparents for our annual Grandparents’ and Grandfriends’ Day. It’s the time at St. Michael’s when we celebrate some very important people in the life of our students. The support that comes from our grandparents is often hard to measure. At the top of the list is the encouragement and affirmation for our students, which they thrive on. Grandparents see their grandchildren through a different lens. There is an acceptance and love for the children just exactly as they are, not for who they might become. In the eyes of children, grandparents are often seen as heroes. Grandparents, having survived raising children of their own, are free to be silly, to giggle, to play games, to take time out of a task-oriented day simply to sit and read books together or to slow down enough to notice the small, simple things of life. After all, as a wise person once said, “Grandparents are really just antique little boys and girls!” And oh what fun it is to have a second chance to enjoy such moments without a care in the world.

At St. Michael’s, our grandparents fill many roles as they support parents and students, whether it is in driving carpools, helping with homework, giving encouragement over the phone or through Facetime from another state, or volunteering on campus for special events. Grandparents are an essential piece of our school community, and we are grateful for the many ways they share time, talent, and treasures with us, especially by sharing their grandchildren.  Yes, grandparents are special folks and make a difference in this world. Grandparents’ Day is one of our favorite days at St. Michael’s, when we can say, “Thank you for all you do, and for just being you.”

Margaret Moore

Head of School

Notes from the Head

Last week, we welcomed many of our grandparents and “grand-friends” to our campus for our biannual celebration. It was, in fact, a delightful morning and a wonderful event. It is a day when we are able to show our deep appreciation for the support of grandparents for our students and the significant part they play in the success of our school and the success of the children. Close to 250 folks joined us, and it was our pleasure to showcase not only our campus but the many accomplishments of our students, both in their talents and academic work. More importantly, however, our students were the shining stars without even knowing it. Although our students will all have their ups and downs and occasionally make less than perfect choices, the courtesy, good manners, hospitality, and willingness to engage in conversation with our visitors demonstrate how “the cream rises to the top!” Grandparent after grandparent commented to me how wonderful our students are. I saw students offer assistance in finding other students, classrooms, or locations for refreshments. They offered their seats and were happy to share what they were learning in the classrooms. St. Michael’s is a student’s place of work, and each child, from Kindergarten through eighth grade, was happy to show off what is so special about St. Michael’s School.

In fact, St. Michael’s is a magical place. Sometimes we forget just how special it is. Grandparents’ Day, however, serves as an occasion to remind all of us that our strongest qualities are often those that are intangible. Our teachers guide and instruct on more than just an academic level. Our deep sense of values are integrated into lessons throughout the day, and our graduates are a living testimony that we make a difference every day in the lives of our students. Our community illustrates that “it takes a village to raise a child,” and it happens because of the strong partnership we share with our parents, grandparents, and grand-friends, who support our kids. I, for one, am grateful to have special days such as Grandparents’ Day when I am reminded of how special our students are and of the adults who play a significant part in their lives. For that, our school is truly blessed.

Margaret Moore

Head of School

A Huge Thank You!!

One of the reasons St. Michael’s is so successful is due in part to the incredible volunteer support we receive from our parents and grandparents. Last Friday, we celebrated Grandparents Day with close to 250 grandparents and grand friends joining us for the morning. It was a beautiful day in so many ways. The faculty and staff would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to the many parents who helped to make the morning run smoothly. Our campus was beautifully decorated with seasonal décor. Festive balloons marked points of hospitality. Parent bakers supplied delicious refreshments for the morning. Parent volunteers helped with registration and hospitality, arriving early and staying late. What a success the day was. We could not have done this without our St. Michael’s Angels who flew in to perform miracles! Our hearts are grateful. As they say, many hands make light work.

SMA News

GRANDPARENTS’ DAY CELEBRATION was a great success!  Our thanks to all our grandparents and special friends for attending and to our tireless volunteers for making sure the program ran so smoothly.  In particular we thank Keri Bushell, Denise Blair, Cheryl Terpning, Dina Corrado, Anabelle Leal-Pena, Denise Newton, Stephanie Huynh, Terese Souvignier, Bridget Peyton, Wendy Roe, Vicki Lazaro, Heather Macpherson, Ann Wilds, Erika Pina-Loucks, Maria Uribe, Chad Hahn and Alex Leyton (our photographers), The Vaqueros and all of the other wonderful parents who jumped in when needed. We would also like to extend our gratitude to the amazing Back Up Bakers who supplied us with well over 600 treats!!! Without all of these wonderful volunteers, we would not have been able to make this such a special day for the children and grandparents. And of course, none of this would have been possible without the awesome co-chairs who coordinated the event Gladys Tom, Julia Rebert, and Kim Greene. Bravo!

HOLIDAY GREENS:  Another great St. Michael’s tradition is currently underway!  What better way to get into the holiday spirit than with fragrant greens? They make wonderful corporate gifts, too!  Don’t forget, the sale runs through November 6th.  For additional information, contact our intrepid co-chairs Kim Greene (, Julia Rebert (,  or Gladys Tom (

COFFEE CORNER is back, and this one promises to be a grand one! Dr. Jaw, our sponsor this month, will be holding a candy buy back program (Dr Jaw candy buy back flyer)  Our wonderfully enterprising third graders will be hosting their bake sale to benefit the Food Bank.  They always bake such delicious treats!  Also, your friendly Uniform Exchange co-chairs will be collecting those gently used uniforms your children seemed to fit into just yesterday!  They’re getting ready to put on another exchange on December 4th so mark your calendars. (Click here to see the flyer Uniform Exchange.)  Come get your caffeine and sugar fix, clear out some closet clutter in the process, catch up with friends, and get rid of all that leftover Halloween candy all in one fell swoop!  We’ll see you this Friday, November 1st, starting at 7:30.

Finally, we’d like to give a “shout out” to our comrades in arms, the amazing Vaqueros, for another great Golf Tournament.  A beautiful day, a spirited contest, and great fun overall.  Your dedication is greatly appreciated.

SMA News

Holiday Greens are here! Catalogs are being sent out in the Eagle Express today. These are a holiday favorite for many of our St. Michael’s families and friends, and they also make great corporate gifts! The sale runs through November 6th. Additional catalogs may be found in the main office. Some of our best returning customers are families of alumni so please pass along the news.  For more information please contact your friendly chairs:
Kim Greene (
Julia Rebert (
Gladys Tom (

Join us for another favorite tradition, Grandparents’ Day Celebration, on Friday, October 25th. Check-in goes from 7:45 to 8:15. We hope to see many wonderful grandparents and special friends there!

Our next Coffee Corner will be held on Friday, November 1st. The 3rd graders will be hosting their awesome bake sale with proceeds going to the Community Food Bank.  There will be plenty of treats to choose from!

Speaking of treats, this month’s Coffee Corner sponsor, Dr. Jaw, will be offering a Halloween candy buy back for all that extra candy just waiting to wreak havoc on those teeth! For each pound turned in, kids will receive a dollar (which they can use to buy a baked goodie?) so it’s a win win for everyone!

Also, at our Coffee Corner will be our intrepid Uniform Exchange ladies gathering gently used uniforms for our next uniform exchange currently scheduled for December 4th(more information to follow).  Come drop off those uniforms and stay for the coffee and goodies!  For more information contact Kristin Greenwood ( or Bridget Peyton (

ScarecrowFinally, we’d like to give a “shout-out” to our wonderful campus decorator, Arlette Monge, for doing another amazing job and getting us into the Fall Spirit.