News Flash: Lost Seeking Found Friday!

Has your student recently lost something? Could it be a water bottle, a lunch box, a sweater, or a P.E. uniform? Maybe it’s a pencil case, a pair of shoes, or a special hat. Come have a cup of coffee this Friday, October 7, to complement your delicious Bake Sale item, and then take a peek through the Lost-and-Found display for those missing items. Some really great clothing and personal items are eager to find their way back home. And please remember: all labeled items are returned to students before they are displayed on the Lost-and-Found table, so label, label, label everything. It’s a guaranteed return on your investment!

Label, Label, Label, Please!

Parents, please remember to label all of your students’ personal items that come to school. We will return all lost items that are found with legible, visible names. This includes but is not limited to the following items: hats, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, P.E. clothes, shoes, all uniform items, water bottles, lunch boxes, backpacks, books, and pencil cases. All lost-and-found items lacking labels will be displayed monthly on the first Friday at Coffee Corner. All labeled items will be returned to students before they are put on the Lost-and-Found table. Thank you for helping us keep our campus from overflowing with lost items!

Lost Needs To Be Found!

All Lost-and-Found items are out on display in the Foundations Courtyard as well as outside the Student Center in Middle School. Please take a moment to check the racks and tables for items that may belong to your child. Coats, sweaters, P.E. clothes, water bottles, lunch boxes, and other clothing items are ready to be claimed. After Friday, March 4, all unclaimed uniform items will go to the uniform exchange. Other personal items or clothing will be donated. Items with names are always returned to students!

Check Out the Lost-and-Found Display!

Are you missing P.E. clothing, a jacket or sweater, shorts, shoes, water bottles, or lunch boxes? If so, you may want to take a spin through the items displayed near the Foundations Courtyard and in the Middle School courtyard. There are many uniform items as well. Items will be displayed through Friday and then donated either to the SMA Uniform Exchange or to a local charity. Just a reminder: items that have names are returned to students. LABEL, LABEL, LABEL!

Sneakers Looking for a Home!

Is your child missing a pair of running shoes? How about a jacket, sweater, P.E. uniform, or sweatshirt? The Lost and Found from Lower and Middle School is currently displayed near the Foundations Courtyard. Friday is the last day to claim these misplaced items. After Friday, uniform items will go to the Uniform Exchange, and non-uniform items will be donated. Please stop by on your way to the Book Fair and claim your student’s items. Thank you to all who choose to LABEL clothing. Labeled clothes are returned to students in their classrooms.

Lost…Not Yet Found!!

As the weather has turned cooler, the Lost and Found bins have become much fuller with jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts, not to mention uniform shirts and shorts. Lost and Found bins can be found near the Foundations Courtyard as well as in the Middle School near the Student Center. If names are found in the clothing items, we are happy to return them to the rightful owner. Sadly, many items do not have a name or initials. Please routinely check the locations for missing uniform items or outerwear. Better yet…please label all clothing, lunch boxes, and water bottles, and we will help each item find its way home.

Lost and Found Event

On Friday, November 7, the Lost and Found items from Elementary and Middle School will be on display in the Foundations Courtyard during our monthly Coffee Corner. Please stop by and take the opportunity to claim your student’s items that have been left at various locations around campus this trimester. When clothes and school items such as lunch boxes and water bottles are labeled, we are happy to return them to the students. As the weather turns chilly, students will be wearing sweatshirts and jackets to school. Since so many look exactly alike, please be sure to label clearly clothing and other personal items so that they can be easily returned to the owners. Otherwise, school uniforms without names will be contributed to the Uniform Exchange.

Are You Missing Something???

The Lost and Found bins and racks are filling up. Lunch boxes, water bottles, jackets, sweaters, shoes, and uniforms are all piling up ready to be claimed. Please take a few minutes to check in the Lower and Middle School areas to see if your child’s lost items are in the bins. We would strongly suggest clearly marking all personal items, including clothing, with your child’s name so that we can return them to their rightful owner. Sharpie markers are the way to go!