SARSEF Science Fair Winners

The Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair (SARSEF) was held February 29 and March 1 at the Tucson Convention Center. Almost 2,000 project boards were displayed and judged by a team of volunteer scientists and engineers.

Students could receive recognition from a sponsoring group, a Grand Award, or, in some cases, both. Grand Awards represent the top three projects in that category and grade level in the Southern Arizona Region.

We are pleased to recognize the following students in the fourth, sixth, and eighth grades who were awarded special recognition.

Fourth Grade
Jack Green:  Does This Battery Make Cents?            
Grand Award: 1st Place

Bobby Smith:  Slippery Soles                                                 
Grand Award: 1st Place
Devon Arnold Engineering Award Youth in Engineering

Lily Hays:  Ready, Set…Spin!                                        
Grand Award: 2nd Place

Simon In-Albon:  Hey, What’s All the Munch About?       
Grand Award: 2nd Place

Scarlett Streeet:  On Your Mark, Get Set…Remember!   
Grand Award: 3rd Place

Miika Lagat:  Iron It Out….Or Not?                                
Mary A. Cuddy Memorial Award for Excellence in Nutritional Science Research

Sixth Grade
Linden Solgonick:  Revenge of the Clones
Grand Award: 1st Place

Carmen Roe:  To UV or Not to UV
Grand Award: 2nd Place
Curiosity in Science Award
Wonder of Wildlife

Talia Zuckerman-Brown:  Buying the Best Battery
Grand Award: 3rd Place
ASQ Tucson Section Individual Merit Award

Eighth Grade
Holland Sterling:  Diverse Microbes
Grand Award: 1st Place

Anthony Hsu:  The Heat Circuit
Grand Award: 2nd Place

Lola Wilcox:  What’s the Weather?
Outstanding Achievement in Ability and Creativity in an Atmospheric Science

Science Stars

On April 7th and 8th, two of our outstanding middle school students participated in AzSEF, the state science and engineering fair, in Phoenix. Sophia Greenhill (8th) and Nick Darling (6th) spent an afternoon defending their science fair projects before the state science fair judges in Phoenix, and both came away with top awards.
Sophia Greenhill received second place in the state for her project “Lights Out” in the Behavioral and Social Sciences category. In addition, she received the Office of Naval Research: Naval Science Award.
Nick Darling received the Arizona State University Walton Sustainability Solutions Award for his project “How Much is That Cup of Coffee Worth to You?” in the Environmental Sciences category. This award also came with a $300 monetary award.
Both of these science scholars are also recipients of the Broadcom MASTERS award nomination. Congratulations to both Sophia and Nick!


Science Fair Winners

This year, St. Michael’s sent twenty students (ten from fourth grade, five from sixth grade, and five from eighth grade) to SARSEF (Southern Arizona Research, Science, and Engineering Foundation). Of those twenty projects, six won top awards.

In fourth grade,  Joshua Burke won SARSEF Grand Award: 2nd Place for his project “Baking Soda Lift Off” in the Chemical and Biochemical Sciences category.

In sixth grade, there were two wi​nning projects​. Martin Gioannetti won SARSEF Grand Award: 1st Place for his project “It’s Not Loading!” in the Robotics and Computer Sciences category. Nicholas Darling won SARSEF Grand Award: 1st Place in the Earth and Environmental Sciences category, as well as SARSEF’s Community Challenge Award.

​In eighth grade, there were three winning projects. Kaitllyn Divijak won two awards. She won the Southwest Gas Corporation / Award of Excellence​ and the​ Tucson Electric Power Award of Excellence​ for her project “Photovoltaic Pollution”​ in the Energy category​​. Sophia Greenhill won SARSEF Grand Award: 1st Place​ for her project “Lights Out” in the ​Behavioral and Social Sciences category. Max Michaud and Andrew Weesner won SARSEF Grand Award: 2nd Place​ for their project “Phytality​”​ in the Molecular and Microbiological Sciences category. ​

In addition, Nicholas Darling, Max Michaud, and Andrew Weesner have been nominated for the 2015  Broadcom MASTERS® (Math, Applied Science, Technology and Engineering for Rising Stars), a program of the Society for Science & the Public (SSP). The Broadcom MASTERS is a national competition. Only ten percent of middle school projects nationwide are invited to apply online for the Broadcom MASTERS.

Over the summer, 300 semifinalists ​will be identified ​and​, from that 300, ​30 finalist​ projects will be selected ​to compete in the finals, held in Silicon Valley, California.​ Congratulations and good luck, gentlemen!

All projects receiving the SARSEF Grand Award: 1st Place are eligible to enter the AZSEF competition at the state level. In addition, students who received first place at their school-level fair, yet did not receive a SARSEF Grand 1st award, are still eligible to attend the AZSEF competition. This means that from St. Michael’s, there are five students eligible to take their projects to the next level:

Nick Darling

Andrew Gioannetti (1st in sixth grade at the school level)

Martin Gioannetti

Kaitlyn Divijak

Sophia Greenhill

We wish these students the best if they choose to participate in the AZSEF in Phoenix in April. We are also so pleased with all of our fourth, sixth, and eighth grade students for persevering and working so hard on their science fair projects this year. Everyone did such a great job!

In Our Community

Cooper (7th) has qualified for the State Finals in the National History Bee that will be held in Phoenix this Wednesday afternoon.  Congratulations and good luck to Cooper!

Congratulations to Jace (4B) for representing St. Michael’s in the County Spelling Bee. The County Bee was held on February 22 at the Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind.  We are all very proud of Jace’s efforts on behalf of St. Michael’s.

Science Fair Results:

8th Grade Winners:  First place – Peyton; Second place  – Lindsay; Third place – Maddie; Honorable Mention  – Cole and James; Honorable Mention  – Reilly

6th Grade Winners:  First place –  Kayla;  Second place  –  Stephanie; Third place –  Ela; Honorable Mention – Alexis and Delaney                                                                                  

4th Grade Science Fair Finalists:  Jack, Carmen, Jonathan, Chloe, Varga, Marina, Serena, Ellie, Fiona, Linden

Science Fair

The annual St. Michael’s Parish Day School Science Fair was held February 10-14, 2014, in the Student Center.  Students from the 4th, 6th, and 8th grades asked a question and devised an experimental procedure to answer that question. This process helps the students to develop their critical thinking skills using the scientific method.

The entire court of the Student Center was filled with the displays that represented the culmination of a great deal of hard work on the part of the students.  Volunteer judges from the community donated their time and expertise to help select those projects that deserve special recognition.  The volunteer judges included many wise adults from within our St. Michael’s Community. We would like to thank Mrs. Mary Olsen, Mrs. Gina Connelly, Mrs. Helen Labus, Mrs. Valerie Greenhill, Mr. and Mrs. Crutchfield, and Mr. Jay Croswell.

The judges recognized the following Middle School students:

8th Grade Science Fair Winners 

First place                               Peyton Lewis                              Nature’s Dilemma

Second place                          Lindsay Pesqueira                   Cantaloupe Concussions

Third place                              Maddie Brown                          What Do Eye See?

Honorable Mention             Cole Lanning                             Is Fire a Climber?

                                                     James Lopez

Honorable Mention             Reilly Salkowski                       From Washer to Garden

6th Grade Science Fair Winners 

First Place                               Kayla Conway                           A Rose By Any Other Name

Second Place                          Stephanie Rehwaldt               Safety in Color

Third Place                              Ela Romanoski                        Color and Comprehension

Honorable Mention             Alexis Johnson                        Surface Tension: May the Force Be With You

Honorable Mention             Delaney Sanders                     What Makes the Best Cookie?

4th Grade Science Fair Finalists

Jack Connelly                                           Better Header
Carmen Roe                                               Butterfly Brunch
Jonathan Lewis                                        Bridge Designs
Chloe Pesqueira                                       Balloon Splash
Varga Michaud                                         Lenses, Heat and Light
Marina Lopez                                            Veggie Time
Serena Hsu                                                 Carry on Baggage
Ellie Greenwood                                       Paw Prints
Fiona Fischer                                             Pomegranate DNA
Linden                                                        Towering Tomatoes

Students from this group will represent St. Michael’s at the Southern Arizona Reginal Science and Engineering Fair, which will be held March 10-14 at the Tucson Convention Center.