SMA News

It was an exciting week full of books and reading fun!  Thank you for coming out to support the annual St. Michael’s Book Fair.  A big thank you to the volunteers who made it all happen: Alisa and Richard Reed, Carolyn Breed, Gina Reyes, Michelle Slavin, Megan Brown, Trevor James, Chris In-Albon, Annabelle Leal-Pena, Stephanie Liu, Kristin Gamborg, Tawanna Wilson, Olena Lewis, Jason and Michelle Gastrock, Erika Pina-Loucks, Sarah Losano, Brian Connelly, Dave Ross, Chris Wilds, and our dedicated Chair – Susie Huerta!

St. Michael’s welcomed local author Midji Stephenson, who enthused the K-3 grades with her two Arizona animal-themed books.  Grades 4-8 enjoyed hearing Kristen Cook describe what it’s like to be a writer for the Arizona Daily Star.  Also thank you to Paul Pierce, who read a Choose Your Path book to the fourth and fifth grades; to Coach B. for reading to many Lower School classrooms; to the backup bakers for providing cookies for K-3; and to Mrs. Faltico for her ever-willing general assistance.  This was a fun week of special memories.  Keep on reading!

A reminder to come enjoy a meal at Sauce on Broadway on Tuesday, March 22, when 15 percent of sales will be donated back to St. Michael’s. (Print this download flyer – Fundraiser at Sauce)

The final results of the Spell-a-thon are in!   Winners were announced on Monday, March 14. Thank you to everyone who participated, including the students, teachers, parents, and our volunteers: Chris Strong, Alisa Reed, Laura Lee, Kristin Greenwood, Gladys Tom, Ann Wild, Sara Nordstrom, Gabi Johnson, Sonja Romanoski, Hilary Van Alsburg, Hyewon Shin, David Daniell, Chris Lewis, and Dave Ross.

$10,921.25 was raised to purchase new I-Pad covers, classroom projectors, and improvements in campus security! See below for a recap of our deserved winners:

Family winner – Carroll Family $720

Lower School Winners:

1st – Lance Kaye $798

2nd – (tie) Lily Myers/Olivia Cho $500 each

3rd – Jonny Abramian $450

4th – (tie) Brayden Carroll/Mackenzie Carroll $340 each

5th – Tennyson Ochoa $315

6th – Piper Kukla $300

Middle School Winners:

1st – Ella Von Guilleaume $132

2nd – Blake Eklund $114

3rd – (tie) Serena Hsu/Anthony Hsu/Jack Connelly/Helen Bernal $100 each

4th – Natalie Ajmeri $50

5th – Jace Ashby Springer $40

6th – Lola Wilcox $26

Again, thank you to all who participated in the 2016 Spell-a-thon, making this fundraiser a huge success!

SMA News

Thank you to all the students and teachers who participated in the annual St. Michael’s Spell-a-Thon this past Monday, February 15th. Look for your students’ tests to be returned in their Eagle Express this Wednesday. Note: if your child received a 90 percent correct or higher AND/OR $20 in pledges they will be awarded a Free Dress coupon to be used on a day of his or her choosing (see last week’s Eagle Blog for a complete list of prizes).

In addition the SMA would like to thank the following Spell-a-Thon volunteers: Ann Wilds, Sarah Nordstrom, Gabi Johnson, Gladys Tom, Hyewon Shin, Sonja Romanoski, Chris Lewis, Laura Lee, Kristin Greenwood, Alisa Reed, and Chris Strong.  Please know your help in administering and grading the tests was truly appreciated! You can use your Rodeo Break as a time to continue pledge collection. Pledge sheets and collected donations must be submitted by March 4th to be eligible for prizes based on pledges received.

Our St. Michael’s students and faculty celebrated Mardi Gras last Tuesday at the annual Pancake Lunch sponsored by the SMA. A highlight of this event is always the music provided by a steel drum band. Thank you to “Jovert” of Tucson High School for getting our students on their feet, dancing in true New Orleans style!

The SMA would also like to extend our sincerest gratitude to our Dual Dad Event Chairs: Treber Rebert and Jason Gastrock, as well as volunteers Sarah Hoover, Sarah Nordstrom, Michael Peyton, Hyewon Shin, Megan Brown, Kerry Byrd, Erik Kramer, Thomas Gimber, and Anita Vancil. This event is a St. Michael’s favorite, and it would not be possible without our gracious helping hands. It would also be impossible to provide a pancake lunch without pancakes. Thank you to Heather Macpherson for purchasing necessary supplies, and to Andy Bruno for once again volunteering his expeditious pancake-flipping skills! It is not a small endeavor to prepare and cook more than 1,100 pancakes. We are so grateful for our volunteers!

We are in our last week of our Boxtop Spring Training. Here’s hoping we knock it out of the park in collections in this final inning! The student winners for last week were Sam M. from 1B and Jason from Coach Beckelman’s class.  The class winners were 1B for the Lower School and Coach Beckelman’s homeroom for the Upper School.  The final boxtop winners will be announced on February 29, and the class with the greatest contributions will be receiving their frozen treats on Friday, March 4. Batter up…


SMA News

Coffee CornerThe SMA Coffee Corner is this Friday, March 6beginning at 7:30 a.m. outside the School Office. If you were unable to attend our last “Sabino Stroll” (pictured below), there will again be a group leaving the school immediately following our morning social for a walk in the canyon.  As a reminder, all fitness levels are welcome! With the recent rain and the lovely sights and scents of spring, it should be another gorgeous morning outside!

Thank you to all the students, teachers, and volunteers who participated in our Annual St. Michael’s Spell-a-Thon! We especially appreciate our middle school teachers who administered their own tests! Great job, everyone!

Please remember, you still have time to get sponsors and collect pledges, but the due date for an opportunity to win fun and valuable prizes is March 6th.

The SMA extends their heartfelt gratitude to the following Spell-a-Thon volunteers:  Laura Lee Zeiller, Maria Uribe, Vicki Lazaro, Dave Ross, Dina Corrado, Hillary Van Alsburg, Denise Blair, Gladys Tom, David Daniell, Elzbieta Czyzowska Wisniewski, Alexis Myer, Sonja Romanoski, and Alisa Reed.  Please know your help was truly appreciated!


SMA News

We hope you have had a restful and refreshing Rodeo Break and are ready for the Spell-a-thon.  Make sure to study your words and gather those pledges! The test will be given Friday morning, February 28, and pledges are due by Wednesday, March 5.

Our next SMA meeting will be on Wednesday, March 5, at 8:05 A.M. in the Parish Center. We hope you can join us.

The next Coffee Corner is almost here. We hope to see you there on Friday, March 7.