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We hope you all had a restful and memorable Rodeo Break! March is off to a busy start for the SMA. Below are a few highlights of upcoming events, as well as a few reminders and a recap of previous SMA sponsored events.

The annual Scholastic Book Fair returns to St. Michael’s beginning next Wednesday the 9th and will continue through Friday the 11th. Please join us in the Smith Parish Center to stock up on some wonderful books!

Speaking of books, this year we are collecting gently used books for the Angel Heart Pajama Project. This organization provides both pajamas and books to children who are homeless, in shelters, and in foster care. This is a great way to clear your bookshelves, making room for the new books purchased at the Book Fair, as well as give to a fabulous cause benefiting children less fortunate!

Reminder, Spell-a-Thon pledge sheets and collected donations must be submitted to your child’s homeroom teacher by this Friday, March 4th to be eligible for prizes based on pledges received. The following is a list of prizes to be earned.  (Note: all students who obtain an 80% score or $20 in pledges earn a coupon for free dress! All students with $20 in pledges AND 80% or better on their Spell-a-Thon test will earn a free dress day and free Eegee’s on a date to be announced later in March.)

Lower School

1st, 2nd, and 3rd in pledge donations = $20 gift certificate to the St. Michael’s Book Fair

4th, 5th, and 6th place = $10 gift certificate to Book Fair

Middle school students:

Top three winners in Middle School = $20 gift cards to Starbucks
4th, 5th, and 6th place = $10 gift cards to Target

St. Michael’s Family with largest donation = $20 gift certificate to the Book Fair

Do you have a Target Red Card with cash back for purchases? If so, please consider linking your card to St. Michael’s, allowing Free Money for our school. School funding is made possible simply by shopping at Target–now that’s an excuse to shop! Here is the link to sign up, or to link a current Red Card to St. Michael’s School:

Spell-a-thon Results

This year’s Spell-a-thon was a huge success. We raised $15,805.50. Congratulations to all families who participated. The winning rooms were Mrs. Schultz’s 3rd grade and Señora Van Straalen’s 6th grade class. The top three prize winners from lower school include: Ryan Hays 3B, Lily Hays 3A (tie) Lance Kaye 2A, and Mackenzie Carroll 2B. In middle school the top grand prize winners include: Clarissa Norton 6th, Alexis Jane Bissell 6th, Katherine Hawes 6th, and Cierra Faircloth 6th. The top family winners were the Hays Family, the Von Guilleaume family, and the Levine family. A big thanks to everyone who participated!

Reminder: All middle school students who turned in a pledge will receive a free dress day (To be announced).

SMA News

The Annual St. Michael’s Spell-a-Thon test will be administered this Thursday, February 19. As a final reminder, pledge sheets and collected donations can be submitted as early as March 2, but must be submitted by March 6 to be eligible for prizes based on pledges received. Thank you again for your participation, and best of luck to our students tomorrow!

Our St. Michael’s students and faculty celebrated Mardi Gras yesterday at the Annual Pancake Lunch, sponsored by the SMA. A highlight of this event is always the music provided by a steel-drum band. Thank you to “The Falcon Steel” of Catalina High School for getting our students on their feet, dancing in true New Orleans style!

The SMA would also like to extend our sincerest gratitude to our first Dual Dad Event Chairs: Treber Rebert and Jason Gastrock, as well as volunteers Doyace Wilson, Sarah Nordstrom, Jeff Ronstadt, Alana Stubbs, Graciela Wilcox, Teresa Jones, and Bob and Judy Gastrock. This event is a St. Michael’s favorite, and it would not be possible without our gracious helping hands. It would also be impossible to provide a pancake lunch without pancakes. Thank you to Heather Macpherson for purchasing necessary supplies, and to Andy Bruno for once again volunteering his expeditious, pancake-flipping skills! It is not a small endeavor to prepare for and cook more than a thousand pancakes! We are so grateful for our volunteers.

SMA News

The Annual St. Michael’s Spell-a-thon kick-off was last Wednesday, February 4. Your child should have received a packet in his or her Eagle Express with a letter explaining the event, expectations for pledge donations, and a list of prizes to be earned for pledges received.There was a misprint in the blog last week. It is important to note the date for the spelling test is Thursday, February 19, not March 19. As a final reminder, pledge sheets and collected donations can be submitted as early as March 2 but must be submitted by March 6 to be eligible for prizes based on pledges received. Thank you again for your participation!

We would like to extend our gratitude to Tucson Smiles Pediatric Dentistry for sponsoring last Friday’s SMA Coffee Corner. The dental hygiene items were a great complement to the delicious treats being sold at the eighth-grade bake sale. Thank you, Dr. Priya!

Next Tuesday, February 17, SMA will be hosting a pancake lunch for all St. Michael’s students in celebration of Mardi Gras. This festive tradition, along with the steel drum band, is certainly a favorite amongst the children and staff. We are still in need of a few more parent-volunteers. If you are interested, please contact Jason Gastrock at for more information.

SMA News

Coffee Corner

The SMA Coffee Corner returns this Friday, February 6, beginning at 7:30 a.m. outside the School Office. As a reminder, there will be a group leaving the school immediately following our morning social for a “Sabino Stroll.” All fitness levels are welcome! It should be a gorgeous morning for a cup of coffee followed by a walk in the park!

The Annual St. Michael’s Spell-a-thon kicks off this Wednesday, February 4th! Your child will receive a packet containing a letter explaining the event, expectations for pledge donations, and a list of prizes that can be earned for pledges received. Your packet will also contain the list of words your child is expected to learn. A few dates to keep in mind: Thursday, March 19, will be test day! Graded tests will be returned the same day, and your child can then set out to collect donations based on correctly spelled words. Pledge sheets can be submitted as early as March 2, and must be submitted by March 6 to be eligible for prizes based on pledges received. We are excited for this scholastic fundraiser! Thank you in advance for your participation.

Hello, Box Toppers!  Our Spring Training Contest is almost over.  Have you turned in your box tops and labels for education?  If not, this week is your last chance of the year.  So far we have collected 3,749 total.  I have issued a challenge:  we need to double that number!  Are you up to the task?  Look around the house–on cereal boxes, soup cans, zip lock boxes, Goldfish bags, etc.  Make sure to write your name and teacher on the back of each if you want to be eligible for student prizes.

This week’s student winners were Hayden Dovi-Smit (4B), Isabel Rebert (3A), Wren Smith (1B), and Alex Brown (6-Thiltges). The competition is turning up the heat, and this week’s leader board has the Mets (2B) in 5th place with an average of 20.87, and the Cardinals (6-Van Straalen) in 4th place with an average of 23.38. The Yankees (5B) are in 3rd place with an average of 25.32, and the Braves (KB) have been bumped down to 2nd place, with an average of 28.67. Our new leaders, with an impressive average of 43.30, are Coach Beckelman’s Detroit Tigers.  But, as the great Yogi Beara once said, “It ain’t over till it’s over,” so keep bringing in those box tops and labels.  The winning home room gets a frozen-treat celebration and bragging rights all season long.  Good luck!!!

SMA News

Another Coffee Corner has come and gone, and we surely did enjoy it.  Our thanks to Playformance USA for their sponsorship and, of course, to our wonderful eighth graders for continuing to appease our sugar cravings!  If you want to find out more about Playformance, there are pamphlets in the main office. There are still two coffee corners left this year so don’t forget to stop by.  Also, if you know anyone who is interested in sponsoring either one, please contact Erika or Maria.

Congratulations to all of our students who learned new words and helped raise money for security gates and other improvements at our school by participating in the Spell-a-thon. Winners of the Book Fair gift certificates were the following: 1st Place (tie) – Ryan Hays (2A) and Lily Hays (2B) who each collected $1,025; 2nd place – Johnny Abramian (KB) for bringing in $650; in 3rd place, Lance Kaye (1) with $545; in 4th place, Clarissa Norton (5B) with $530; in 5th place, Tennyson Ochoa (KA) with $320; and in 6th place, Delaney Reuter (1B) with $290.  Honorable mention goes to Lily Bachler (6) and Eddie Bachler (3A) with $265 each; Kamila Pena (KA) and Sophia Pena (5B) with $240 each; and Finnegan Hawes (KA) and Katherine Hawes (5A) with $220 each.  Thanks to all your efforts, we’ve raised over $12,000, and this money will go toward the security gates around the Middle School and outside doors throughout the campus.


Everyone who turned in a pledge sheet with at least one pledge will receive an eegees during lunch on a date to be determined.

A great big thank you goes out to all the parents who helped with Spell-A-Thon. With out your assistance this fund raiser would not have been so successful. Special thanks to the parents who volunteered to administer and grade the tests: Vicki Lazaro, Sandy Clark, Hillary Van Alsburg, Jennifer Peterson, Erika and Paul Loucks, Sonja Ronanoski and Laura Zeiller. You are the B-E-S-T !

SMA also like to thank Chris Strong for her great leadership with this project.

We are celebrating Love of Reading Week this whole week and our celebration culminates with our very own Book Fair, which will take place from Wednesday through Friday.  Don’t forget to stop by the Parish Center.  There are some great treasures to be found!

We’d also like to add a belated, but heartfelt thanks to Andy Bruno for his outstanding efforts during our Pancake Lunch.  Our compliments to the chef!

SMA News

Our St. Michael’s Box Top Olympics has come to a close, and we raised $400!  This week’s student winners were Gracie Clements (7th grade), Aidan Huber (5th grade), and Marina Lopez (4th grade).  In the class competition, here are final results: Receiving the Bronze with 25 medals is 4A – Mrs. Burns’s class.  Earning Silver with 26 medals is 2A – Mrs. Anderson’s class.  And our Gold Medal Team with 53 medals is 3B – Mrs. Schultz’s class!  Congratulations to all our winners, and thank you to all our families for your continued support! And, of course, great big thank you to Dina Corrado, our intrepid box tops coordinator for all her efforts.  Thanks to her tireless leadership, we have been able to raise over $1200 this year through this free money program!!!

We held our monthly Coffee Corner last Friday and many familiar faces stopped by.  We want to thank Tucson Smiles for being our sponsor and to our 8th graders for their delicious goodies. Didn’t get a chance to stop by?  Don’t worry; you have several more chances.  Next month’s Coffee Corner will be Friday, March 7, so mark your calendars!

The Spell-a-thon is coming! The Spell-a-thon is coming!  Today, in your Eagle Express folders, you will find packets introducing this year’s Spell-a-thon.  Remember to study your words over the break, and get pledges to be eligible for some great prizes.  The test will be administered on Friday, February 28, and the pledge packets with money collected will be due by March 5.  See packet for more details, and if you have any questions, please contact coordinator Chris Strong at

SMA News

We want to take this time to thank some amazing volunteers for their work last week.  Kudos to Kerri Bushell, Anabelle Leal-Pena, Julia Rebert, and Wendy Roe for their work on our dinner for the musical production cast.  Also, a great big thank you to Chris Strong, Anabelle Leal-Pena, Denise Blair, and Hyewon Shin for your help with the Open House held on January 25th.  Finally, to Cheryl Terpning and Bridget Peyton, thank you for your box top counting efforts last Friday.  As always, we have the best volunteers around.  We couldn’t do it without you!
Go for the GOLD!
The St. Michael’s Olympic Games are coming to a close. Bring your Box Tops and Labels for Education to your teacher by 8:00 A.M. this Friday.  Remember to put your name and grade on the back to be eligible for individual prize drawing. The Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal winning classes will be announced at chapel on February 10.
Are you craving a good cup of joe?  Well, you’re in luck!  Our next Coffee Corner is this Friday, February 7, starting at 7:30 in front of the main office.  The sponsor this month is Tucson Smiles Pediatric Dentistry.  Also, there will be some delectable goodies on sale at our 8th graders’ bake sale table.  We hope to see you there.
Finally,  get ready for some spelling!!!  That’s right,  our annual Spell-a-thon is just around the corner.  Be on the lookout for more information in your Eagle Express folder next week.