Summer Computer Activities

At the end of each K-3 computer class, someone is bound to ask, “How do I use that program at home?”  The vast majority of what we do in class is web-based, so here is a list of important links that you may want to bookmark on your home computers: This self-paced site teaches computational thinking as a precursor to learning actual coding languages such as PHP or HTML.  Each grade in K-3 has a specific login site.  Grades 4 and 5 have usernames and passwords that work for the general login site.

Dance Mat Typing: We used this in grades K-3 this year.  It’s also an excellent review for older students if they have developed some bad typing habits.  It’s engaging and places lots of emphasis on correct fingers and zero emphasis on speed. Grades 3-5 use this site to work on typing speed.  It was also briefly introduced to Second Grade this year, but they do not have log-ins yet, so it will not save their progress.  Middle school students should also use this site to prepare for their typing tests at the beginning of the school year.  Please consider using Dance Mat Typing first if incorrect finger placement is an issue.  Students that do not meet the following Net Speeds on their iPads will be required to take a typing class during an elective period first trimester.  The test will be given during the first week of school in August.

  • 6th Grade: 25 wpm net speed
  • 7th Grade: 30 wpm net speed
  • 8th Grade: 35 wpm net speed This site has educational games for grades K-5 and is easily navigable by younger students.

-Ms. Greynolds



Music, Motion & Media Summer Camp

Camp is filling up!  Register now in order to save your spot!

Concerned about the large age range (rising 1st – 8th)?  We split the kids into two different age groups in order to engage them in developmentally appropriate activities.

Need extended hours?  We provide supervision in the gym from 8 to 9 am before camp starts and again in the air conditioned computer lab from 4 to 5 pm after camp ends.

Join us for one or two weeks of games, creativity, dancing, music, coding, yoga, band, and more!

June 1-5 and 8-12

Music, Motion & Media Camp: June 1-5 and 8-12

Looking for a great summer camp, and one, better yet, held AT St. Michael’s?  Music, Motion & Media has something for everyone: games in the gym, movie-making on iPads, relaxing yoga, messy science and art projects, hip-hop dance, etc.  Oh, and music-making with boomwhackers!  If you don’t know what those are, check out the video below from last year.  You can see more videos and examples of student projects on our website:

-Ms. Greynolds & Coach Santucci

Music, Motion & Media Summer Camp

Music, Motion & Media is expanding!  If you have younger children who have missed out on camp in previous years, they can now attend AND at a discounted rate.  The cost per sibling is $175/week rather than $200.  Returning campers get the same discount, regardless of whether or not they have siblings attending.

Rather than one group of twenty, this year we will have two groups: rising grades 4-8 and rising grades 1-3.  Since we’re doubling the size of the camp, we’ve also doubled the size of our staff.  We will be welcoming back Will Houchin from last year’s camp and Corey DeTar from 2012.  Tran Thai, a local elementary school music teacher with extensive dance experience, and Kari Warner, a local high school science teacher and arts and crafts enthusiast, will be joining us to create a balanced and enthusiastic staff.

The cost of camp goes up by $25 on Friday, May 16th, in order to cover the cost of last minute t-shirt orders.  Because of the closure of the popular Fenster Ranch Summer Camp, we are experiencing a large number of inquiries from outside of St. Michael’s.  Don’t delay!  Register today!

Camp dates: June 9-27

More information and register here:

Mrs. Stout & Coach Santucci

Music, Motion & Media Summer Camp

Mrs. Stout and Coach S. are excited to announce that Music, Motion & Media will be expanding to rising grades 1-8 this year!  Camp runs M-F, June 9-27, here on campus.  Registration and more information is now available on our website:


What are we holding in this picture?  Check out the performance here.