Hats, Hats, Hats!!

Hats are the hot fashion item this year on campus as well as an essential item for sun safety. Our Kindergarten students start the trend with their cute khaki hats, which they wear whenever outside. We’re strongly encouraging all other classes to follow their lead by bringing a hat to school to wear on the playground or during outside P.E. activities. Hats can be left at school as long as they have the student’s name clearly printed in the hat. Thank you for helping us to raise awareness of the importance of sun safety. At our Coffee Corner on Friday, August 29, logoed Lands’ End Hats will be on display and available for sale.

Bring Out the Hats!

Living in Tucson, sun safety is important year round. We have made strides this year in raising awareness of sun safety with our students and staff, but we need to continue to move forward in this effort. We are excited that the new sunshade structure is nearing completion on the playground. Installation is in process and should be finished before the end of school. Even with the play equipment covered, many unshaded areas of playground space remain. Students are strongly encouraged to wear hats on the playground during PE classes and during recess for sun safety. Many local retailers carry sun hats for children, and Lands’ End carries a variety of hats which can be monogrammed with the St. Michael’s logo. Sunscreen is also important and should be applied prior to coming to school each day. Practicing sun safety is extremely important. Thank you, parents, for encouraging your children to wear hats and use sunscreen. It’s just as important as brushing your teeth! As we have said to our students, “At St. Michael’s School, hats are cool!”

Here Comes the Sun!!

Safety for our students at school is something we take seriously and this includes SUN SAFETY. In Arizona, we are neck and neck with Australia in the number of diagnosed skin cancers, many of which develop from sun exposure in childhood. This is not a ranking we can be proud of. So as we push this year to raise our awareness of sun safety, we would like to strongly encourage all of our students to wear hats during outside time for sun protection. At the same time, please lather on the sun screen before school and perhaps send some extra to school for your child to apply later in the day. Let’s start a healthy trend and become the school where it is cool to wear a hat. Thank you, parents, for helping to support this effort.